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Guest column - Three reasons why sport is brilliant by Liars' Angus Andrew

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Having released the intricate and excellent WIXIW album earlier this year, Liars might be considered as boffinish studio types… not a bit of it, and in a guest column on the eve of the London Olympics Games, which open tonight (27 July), the band’s frontman Angus Andrew declares his love for getting physical.

Liars love sport, we do. We’re super passionate and somewhat emphatic about basketball but in no way limited to this one form. In fact, it’s harder for me to think of a sport I don’t like to watch, than the long list of ones I do. I’ll even stay up watching Gaelic football all night in some hotel room in Ireland. Just point me toward the underdog and I’ll soon be frothing at the mouth. Why?

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1. It’s beautiful An athlete in form is not dissimilar to a great musician playing live. There’s this instinctual physicality that, at its best, appears completely unmediated and graceful. Even the idea of this can help me sleep at night. For years when trying to overcome insomnia I’ve pictured myself skateboarding, surfing, sinking baskets, scoring goals… any of these can lull me into a meditative state – precisely because these movements and actions, when executed correctly, are so thoughtless and pure.

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2. It’s finite Ball goes in a hole, ball crosses a line, someone runs faster, someone jumps higher… this simplicity is reassuring – it’s straightforward and calming. There’s no grey area or indecision and when a job is done well – it’s clear, you win. This is almost in direct opposition to the creative process of making an album. So much time is spent questioning, adjusting and you never get the same kind of clear finality – you never just win or lose, it all comes down to that ephemeral and illusive concept of taste.

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3. I love the underdog That team or person who’s counted out or looked down on. No matter what the situation, I want them to win, to crush the favorites, overcome the odds and show everyone they were wrong. It’s a common occurrence in all types of sport but rarely possible to witness in everyday life – where the least favorite becomes the hero and all the so called experts are put to shame.”

Angus Andrew

For more from the band, head to Liarsliarsliars.com.


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