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Q&a Gary Numan - On touring, collaborations, the Mighty Boosh's weird phone messages & more

Q&a Gary Numan - On touring, collaborations, the Mighty Boosh's weird phone messages & more
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Taking a break from working on a new album, and life in his newly adopted home in America, Gary Numan is currently in the midst of a short UK tour. We caught up with to discuss the shows, his new record and his famous (possibly electric friends).

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How the devil are you?

“Very well thank you. Just settling in to a new life in Los Angeles so all rather chaotic and uncertain but very exciting. It’s great to be back in the UK though catching up with everyone.

You’re about to kick off a new tour, how is the setlist looking these days? Do you get to play what you want is there stuff that always goes in?

“It’s always a small compromise but I’m pretty focused on new music, always have been. On this tour we are playing some of the older favourites but three new songs from the forthcoming Splinter album, new remixed versions of the latest Dead Moon Falling album so the emphasis is more on the very new rather than the old.”

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Is there anything new you’ve got planned for these shows?

“I have a collaborative single with the band Officers out at the moment called Petals so they’ll be joining us on stage to play that song. They’re doing the support on the tour as well. Great band.”

You are working on a new album, what can you tell us about that?

“Most of the songs are written and already well under way on the production. I have a few more to write when I get back but we should have the album finished by the end of March. Looking for a late summer release. “

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How is it sounding?

“It’s very heavy in parts, more electronic than the last few albums I’ve made. Some of it is strangely haunting. Pretty melodies but over dark and odd grooves. The heavier songs though are just huge grooves with even bigger chorus’s, trying for the anthemic.”

Any personal favourites yet?

“A song called We’re The Unforgiven is coming together really well but as I still have some things to write I’m always optimistic that the best is still to come.”

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Who are you working with on that album?

“Ade Fenton is doing the production again. Not sure if I will have any guest players yet, still getting to know people in Los Angeles. I’m not the most sociable person on the planet so it takes me a while to get to know people.”

You were on Battles’ last album, are there any other younger bands you’d like to work with?

“I’m really loving the Officers collaboration Petals. I really do think that they are the best new band around so I’m really glad to be involved with them.”

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What was it like working with them?

“Battles? Didn’t really work together as such on the song, they sent it to me and I did my bit at my home studio. Great band though, really like what they do and really like them as people.”

Are the Mighty Boosh still in touch?

“I saw Noel at a festival a while back. I left my phone at a club in London earlier this year and when I got it back Noel had left some mad messages on it.”

Finally, do you get time to fly much these days?

“I stopped flying at air displays when the children came along. It was so dangerous it seemed an inappropriate thing to do with a young family. Most of the friends that did it were killed in various accidents. After that though normal flying seemed rather tame so I don’t do it much anymore. I miss it though, the display flying.”

For more head to Numan.co.uk.


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