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Q&A - Kasabian's guide to their Leicester home-coming gig, Glastonbury & more

Q&A - Kasabian's guide to their Leicester home-coming gig, Glastonbury & more
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This Saturday (21 June) Kasabian are set to realise one of their biggest ambitions and play a giant home-coming gig in Leicester’s Victoria Park – supported by Jagwar Ma, Zane Lowe, Beardy Man and Rudimental. For the full story of the show, the band’s new album 48:13 and much more grab a copy of our latest issue Q336 now, either by ordering a copy in print or on digital online now, or by heading to your nearest newsagent. Additionally the band’s frontman Tom Meighan spoke exclusively to Q yesteday (17 June) about the show, so here’s his personal guide to the gig, Glastonbury and more.

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How the devil are you?

I’m fine thanks, mate.

So 48:13 went in at Number one last week…

Yeah, man, it’s great ain’t it it? It’s just gone so quick. Wow!

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Was it ever in doubt?

No, there was never any doubt. We’re one of those bands that just sell records still. But we’re very proud. Obviously if we’d been around in the 90s we’d have sold 20 million. Everyone brought CDs back then, didn’t they?

Just think you’d be a multi-multi-millionaire…

Exactly! I’d have gone into exile [laughs] so it’s a good thing, I’m still here!

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So you’ve got a bit of a gig on Leicester this weekend…

We’ve got an absolutely huge gig in Leicester which is going to be fantastic! We can’t wait. I can’t believe it’s nearly here. It was only around Christmas time were finishing our album.

How much does it mean to the band to play this big hometown show?

It’s great. It’s good for the city, it’s good for the people. We’ve needed to do a big gig in Leicester for a long time and now we can it’s great. It’s going to be fantasic.

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It’s in your local park, isn’t it?

Yeah Victoria Park. I walk my kid around there normally. It’s going to be emotional, a strange feeling but also a happy one.

You grew up there, what’s the reaction of your friends’ been like?

I’ve got hundreds of friends and family coming! It’s nice, you know.

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Have you worked all the details out for the show?

Yeah, it’s going to look great. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves and the vibe of it’s going to be great. We’ll be a bit tense before we go onstage, but we’re on a high at the minute.

How are you going to cope with your nerves on the day?

I’m going to keep away right until show time! I’m going to stay away from the city which is a good thing, don’t you think?

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If you were going to the gig as a fan though where would you head before the show? Give us some local knowledge.

I would go to a beautiful pub right opposite the park called The Old Horse Inn, which is nice. I’d go there but there will be thousands and thousands of people scattered everywhere. It’s going to be like an earthquake has hit Leicester by the time we’re finished with it.

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“I’ve got anxiety now, but I’ll feel better when I’m onstage…”

- Blockquote close
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Bet the landlord of the Old Horse Inn loves you.

Landlords, shopkeepers… they must be dreaming!

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And for anyone coming in from out of town, what should they do to get the complete Leicester experience on the day?

You should go and buy a pie from Walkers, a great pie shop. It’s the best pork pie shop in England, go there!

This year been a big year for Leicester generally. The football team are got promoted to the Premier League…

The whole team are coming to the gig, I think. I’d like to take the League trophy onstage, we’ll see. It’s a massive year for Leicester!

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Are Leicester council going to name anything after you? A street? A library?

Not yet, but after this there will be monumental statues made of us! [laughs]

Well presumably there’s a big party at least planned after the gig?

Well, we’re trying to keep calm. I’m going to get off after the gig. It’s the safe option. We’ve got Glastonbury the following week so I don’t want to over do it. I’m sure there will be a lot of parties in Leicester though. It will be monster, mate! It’s going to be one of those moments where you have to be there.

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Talking of the Pyramid stage, have you got your head around the idea of headlining Glastonbury yet?

I’ve got anxiety now, but I’ll feel better when I’m onstage! The build up is quite tense. We’ve played there four or five times now and it is the best festival in the world bar none.

Ten years ago you were the first act on the Other Stage…

It’s crazy. You couldn’t write it, could you? Ten years, what a journey! Where do you take it next?

Paul Stokes@Stokesie

For more head to Kasabian.co.uk, plus listen to Sergio Pizzorno’s track-by-track guide to new album 48:13 recorded exclusively for Q.

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