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Who? What? Why? Where? When? Elvis Perkins

Who? What? Why? Where? When? Elvis Perkins
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After a bit of a gap, Elvis Perkins returned with new album I Aubade. He answered five questions for Q.

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Who would play you in a film?

If the technology and budget would support it, and if in his heavenly seat he would abide it, I’d like to have a reconstituted Grapes of Wrath era Henry Fonda do the part.

WHAT are you currently working on?

I’m producing music for the first film written and directed by my brother, Oz. It’s called February and it features Emma Roberts, Lucy Boynton and Kiernan Shipka.

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WHY do you do that thing you do?

I descend from a line of creators and performers so I’m guessing I arrived predisposed or pre-encoded to do something of the sort. Organized sound remains to me the most mysterious and potent of the arts and the one with the greatest capacity to awaken the sleeping, heal the sick and transform the consciousness.

WHERE do you see yourself in ten years?

I am now unrecognisable to myself of 10 years ago and suspect the same will be true of my future self to me now, so from here I can’t really say I can see myself there. Trying to fathom the self in present time is gift and challenge enough.

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WHEN will there be a harvest for the world?

It’s already here and always has been. As for the proper distribution of it, I believe it will help tremendously when the human being radically curtails its intake of animal meat and altogether abandons the environmental and moral disaster that is the factory farm. Madly, most of the cropland in America is used to produce grain for livestock–the whole thing is a wildly inefficient and “malnutritious” endeavor. A cow is not designed to eat grain, which makes of it both an unhealthy food for humans and a mass producer of methane (unhealthy for all). Surely the grain folk are in bed with the livestock folk who are both in bed with world’s governments and their parent companies; so I imagine it will come down to a peaceful revolution within the consumer: to decide to no more fund such systems and companies (by not purchasing their products). Let us start small today and decide we are now are done with, say, McDonalds.

For more head to Elvisperkinssound.net/.


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