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Who? What? Why? Where? When? Tindersticks

Who? What? Why? Where? When? Tindersticks
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Tindersticks returned earlier this year with new album The Waiting Room. To keep him occupied while he waits to be seen ahead of the start of their UK tour which starts at Dijon’s Grand Théâtre next week (24 February) the band’s David Boulter answered five questions for us.

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WHO would play you in the film of your life?

Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal would play the younger me. And Pam Grier the older. You gotta make my life interesting somehow! Actually, the film(s) of my life have already been made. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning is pretty much like my early life. Help! could be the middle period. And Stardust the later. Although I’ve changed the ending and survived. I imagine the last part of life to be like Last of the Summer Wine. In fact I’d probably have my life as a sitcom rather than a film. And Reg Varney would play me.

WHAT are you currently working on?

The first script for the sitcom of my life story! Actually, trying to remember Tindersticks songs, old and new. We have a long tour very soon. We try to keep things interesting by doing different kinds of shows. So there’s a lot of songs to remember. I’m also working on working off all the mince pies I ate over Christmas.

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WHY do you do that thing you do?

There’s no choice. It’s all I can do. I was fascinated by music from a very early age. Our headmaster would play us classical pieces at assembly every morning. The radio was always on at home and I was obsessed by Top Of The Pops as most young kids were. My pocket money went on one 7″ single which I’d think all week about buying. Pop stars and musicians seemed like alien beings though. Not from our council estate. Music at school was about theory and the choice was violin or trumpet. which I had no interest in. I didn’t think I could get involved until punk came along. That changed everything.

WHERE do you see yourself in ten years?

Looking like Pam Grier… I think I’m basically in the same situation as 10 years ago. I don’t mean I’m stuck in a rut. There’s always new adventures. I’m still feeling a challenge musically, which is great. There’s always more. The only thing there’s less of is time. Hopefully I’ll be trying to remember Tindersticks songs for an upcoming tour!

WHEN will there be a harvest for the world?

Probably when an event happens to wipe us humans from the face of the planet. I’m not sure we deserve such a beautiful place to live. Perhaps we should be harvested and allow the planet grow a new crop.

For more head to Tindersticks.co.uk.


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