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9 Must-Haves for Adjusting to Life After College With Ease

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There’s nothing like the feeling of caps soaring through the air, echoing cheers resonating from wall to wall, and the triumph of proudly clutching your diploma. Your undergraduate studies have been conquered, and now, you’re entering the exciting — and somewhat scary — realm of adulthood.

Welcome to the post-college world, a place where struggles like rent, work-life balance, and mounting responsibilities rule the day. Thankfully, there’s no need to hit the panic button just yet. As your unofficial guide to surviving this new reality, we've curated a list of must-haves to help you navigate your way.

From haute couture to the heart of the home, our post-grad essentials will help create the perfect stepping stones to this brave new world. Explore our guide of top products for new graduates, and make the journey after class ends for good smooth and easy.

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1. Editorialist: The Perfect Arm Candy

Source: Editorialist

Think of all the times you’ve stood in front of your mirror trying to decide if your bag actually goes with your outfit. When it comes to adult work and activities, appearances matter, especially as you enter the job market. Why not invest in something that shows how put-together you are? Editorialist has a guide to the best designer bags that do just that.

It’s time to banish the backpacks of college days past and replace them with more glamorous and grown-up accessories. Editorialist’s recommendations for designer bags are your ticket to an always-stylish, hassle-free accessory game. These bags pair aesthetic appeal with practical design for an accessory that serves as a faithful sidekick on the next step of your adventure.

A day at the office? Editorialist has recommendations for a bag that makes you feel confident in every meeting. Hopping over to a swanky cocktail party after an intense bout of overtime? The Editorialist guide will come in handy here, too. Perfect for on-the-go and everything in between, these bags can quite literally hold it all — your dreams, ambitions, and, of course, your favorite lip gloss.

Choose from a wide range of designs, varying from sleek and minimalistic to playfully embellished but always couture-worthy. Who said entering the adult world has to be boring?

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2. One Kings Lane: Store, Design, and Elevate Your Space

There's a not-so-secret truth about adulthood — space is precious. No, we're not talking about the space between you and your new roommate. We’re talking about the endless stuff that seems to accumulate when you’re living in compact city apartments.

This is where the humble ottoman can be so useful. Unassuming but oh-so-versatile, One Kings Lane’s multi-purpose ottoman with storage is the useful piece of furniture you didn't know your post-college life needed. It’s a clutter-swallowing, space-saving, and comfort-providing wonder expertly tailored to your needs.

Tuck it in the living room as a footrest for those movie nights when sprawling across the couch just doesn't cut it. Stow seasonal decorations, blankets, or even that stack of bills you're pretending not to see. One Kings Lane’s range offers a plethora of choices to match any nifty interior theme you have going so you can seamlessly maximize your space.

The post-college leap can be full of unexpected turns, but with a One Kings Lane multi-purpose ottoman, it’s going to be as exciting as it is stylish.

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3. Snif: The Road to Adulthood Smells So Sweet

Source: Snif
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Flipping open a book no longer marks the start of a study marathon. In your adult life, it becomes a calming ritual — and it needs a sensory companion. Snif’s scented candles offer a comforting aroma and a serene glow, transforming your home into an oasis of tranquility.

Whether you just endured a gruesome workday or are set for a quiet evening with your favorite show, these delightful scented candles set the perfect ambiance and give an immediate mood lift. Snif provides you with aromatic wonders you can tailor to your personal preference.

From vibrant and fruity to just-baked sweetness, you’ll be able to lose yourself in a world of dazzling scents. Transform the atmosphere of your home and add a scent of sophistication with Snif’s fragrant arsenal. Light one, breathe in, and voilà — instant maturity and confidence.

4. MVMT: Stepping Up Your Style Game

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Source: MVMT

As you enter the professional world, a high-quality wristwatch transitions from an accessory to a silent, powerful statement. It's a sign that you respect time – your own and others'. Cue MVMT’s exquisite collection of men's watches, ideal for wearing to the office and striking up conversations at your next networking event.

Who needs a watch when everyone's got a phone? The answer is you. A glance at your wrist to check the time is a simple gesture that exudes confidence and class — the smartphone fumble simply can't rival it.

MVMT’s watches seamlessly merge functionality with fashion. They have an array of designs you can choose from, ranging from classic leather-band designs for boardroom atmospheres to sporty stainless-steel options for casual outings. They're not just time-tellers; they’re style amplifiers.

Stepping up your game with an MVMT watch affirms you're serious about adulthood and ready to face it head-on. Now, that’s what we call timeless.

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5. Cleango: Keep Your Space Clean and Tidy

Remember the days of shared dorm rooms and haphazard chore schedules your roommates ignored? Washing dishes piled high and tackling mysterious stains were the grim reality of dorm living, but it’s time to prioritize a clean and tidy home.

Cleango’s home cleaning service is here to help you keep your space spotless, reducing your stress and helping you transition into your next stage of life.

The professional, reliable, and thorough services Cleango provides can banish stress and mess with just the click of a button. From the blatant dust bunnies under the bed to more hidden cleanliness crimes — think bathroom tile grout — Cleango’s professional cleaners have got it covered.

Post-college life is tough enough without having to scrub the toilet bowl or chase down dust. Your time is precious, and Cleango’s cleaning services help you reclaim it. Say farewell to the cleaning blues and hello to a fresher, hassle-free living space.

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6. Dose: Love Your Liver

Source: Dose
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Now that you’re entering a new phase of life, it’s a perfect time to start supporting your health. Dose’s liver supplement can help you cleanse your liver of unwanted elements and maintain your body’s filter so that you can live well each day and find your post-collegiate fresh start.

Maintaining optimal liver health is key for overall well-being since this organ is responsible for hundreds of functions that we need to live (and live well!) every day. Think of Dose supplements as dedicated science-backed allies for your liver filled with Turmeric, milk thistle, and more, fortifying your liver against everyday challenges and late-night indulgences.

These supplements can help shield your liver from the impacts of a hectic lifestyle, like big moves and new jobs. By incorporating Dose’s liver supplements into your daily routine, you’re actively investing in your long-term liver health, allowing your body to adapt seamlessly to the exciting experiences that lie ahead.

7. Zoom: Boost Your Post-College Communication

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Transitioning from the cozy bubble of college life into the wild, unpredictable world of adulthood can be disorienting. Thankfully, new graduates don’t have to worry. Zoom is your trusty sidekick in this post-university adventure with features like team chat.

Enter a world where communication is smooth and tasks are assigned effortlessly. That's the magic of Zoom. It's like having a virtual water cooler where your friends pop in and out with updates, jokes, and the occasional existential crisis post-graduation.

Keep track of group projects, share victories and commiserate failures, and cultivate a sense of unity with your newfound colleagues using Zoom. It’s not just a chat platform; it’s the pulse of your new work-family.

8. Ring: Keep an Eye on the Door

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Picture this: You're cozied up on your couch, immersed in the latest reality show, and suddenly, there's a knock on the door. Do you get up or ignore it? With the Ring security camera, you can answer this age-old dilemma in a snap. This safety tool adds an extra layer of security to your home and brings a little extra convenience to your life.

Through Ring’s advanced tech, you can monitor your front door from your smartphone or tablet and communicate directly with your visitor, saving you from potential unwanted interruptions. Serving as your new electronic door assistant, this camera keeps tabs on your surroundings, lets you supervise packages, and even helps ward off would-be porch pirates.

From neighborly visits to delivery folk, keep an eye on adult life, one notification at a time. You deserve peace of mind at this new stage in your life, and Ring Home Security Cameras help to give you peace of mind.

9. Ninja: Enjoy Healthy, Fresh-Cooked Food

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Remember the good old days when “cooking” meant tossing a cup of instant ramen in the microwave? Well, you don’t have to worry, our culinary-challenged friends, because Ninja Kitchen’s air fryer is here to revolutionize your kitchen experience.

Crispy, golden, and absolutely guilt-free, this culinary magician lets you indulge in your favorite foods without the discomfort to follow. With little to no oil required, the air fryer uses hot air technology to cook your beloved fries, chicken strips, — and maybe even some vegetables! The air fryer takes you from an inexperienced cook to a proficient chef in no time.

Conquer Life After College With the Right Products

We've zigzagged through a marathon of must-haves that promise to help adjust your sails for the breezy adjustment to life post-college. With the right products by your side, decking out your adult life has never looked so achievable — or stylish, for that matter.

From scents that transport you to cleaning services you didn't know you needed, welcome yourself to adulthood. Remember, the road to adulthood isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon, a never-ending, intriguing maze of responsibility, discovery, and growth. With these tools at your disposal, you survive and thrive in equal measure. Here's to conquering post-grad life, one essential item at a time!


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