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Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden Has Cross Words for Vaping Fan During Recent Concert

'I can’t f---ing breathe,' Dickinson complained. 'Please, f---ing do that outside, all right?'

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Source: MEGA

"Look, I f---ing said, 'Please!'" Bruce Dickinson was at the Opera Hall in Brasília, Brazil when the incident occurred.

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On the surface, it might not seem like the most rock ‘n’ roll move to pause during a concert and berate an audience member for smoking, but when Bruce Dickinson did so at a concert this weekend at the Opera Hall in Brasilia, Brazil, it was later determined that his complaints were about something that was a bit more than just someone taking a hit off their vape pen.

Of course, it didn't seem that way in the moment.

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Source: MEGA

Dickinson's remarks weren't terribly rock 'n' roll, but they were valid: a vape pen exploded in the crowd, creating fumes similar to pepper spray.

Footage of the moment in question was posted on Instagram by an Iron Maiden fan account, and although it has since been deleted, the video was helpfully transcribed by Blabbermouth prior to its disappearance:

“I can’t f---ing breathe. [Bassist] Tanya [O’Callaghan] can’t breathe. You with the f---ing vape over there, yeah, it’s not you, but, you know, please, f---ing do that outside, all right? You know, if you can’t stay for five minutes without having a f---ing addiction.”

Dickinson soon continued his complaining, albeit with a tone that was decidedly less recalcitrant.

“I do apologize for coughing,” he said. “Some of you f---ers are smoking, all right? I can’t sing if you’re gonna smoke, all right? [Tanya’s] coughing her guts out, I’m coughing, my f---ing wife is going, ‘Blargh,’ in the back there, all right? It’s kind of disgusting, all right? But if you wanna be disgusting, do it outside, all right? Not in here. My throat’s got work to do. You pay good money to hear me f---ing sing, not go, ‘Blargh, blargh,’ all right?”

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Source: MEGA

Bruce Dickinson, when he was younger, so much younger than today.

The truth of the matter came much closer when Dickinson claimed that someone in the crowd had used pepper spray. They hadn't, as it turned out, but what had happened was that someone's vape pen had exploded in the crowd, creating fumes which had the effect of pepper spray. In other words, it wasn't just an old man yelling at the smoke, it was a legitimate complaint of something that was actually causing throat distress to Dickinson and those around him.

Which is not to say that Dickinson is any way old or even acting the slightest bit like the 65-year-old senior citizen he actually is. In addition to his ongoing work with Iron Maiden, with whom he will be touring Australia later this year, Dickinson recently released his seventh studio album as a solo artist.

The Mandrake Project, released on March 1, was Dickinson's first solo album since 2005, and based on its reception, his fans had been anxiously waiting for him to deliver one: it hit No. 3 on the UK Albums chart and topped the charts in Austria, Germany, and Sweden. The songwriting was split between solo compositions by Dickinson and co-writes with Roy Z, a.k.a. Roy Ramirez, who - in addition to working with Dickinson since as far back as 1997's Accident of Birth - has also worked with such artists as Halford, Judas Priest, Sebastian Bach, Yngwie Malmstein, and Sepultura.

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