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David Lee Roth Mouths Off About Wolfgang Van Halen's Past Behavior in New Audio Clip on YouTube

As of this writing, Roth has yet to explain the reasons behind his remarks, nor has Van Halen offered a reaction to them.

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Source: MEGA / WENN

Wolfgang Van Halen and David Lee Roth during Van Halen's 2012 tour

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In an audio clip released via his official YouTube channel last night, for reasons which remain enigmatic as of this writing, David Lee Roth went on a tear about his late-era Van Halen bandmate Wolfgang Van Halen.

In the clip, Roth verbally eviscerated Wolfgang - son of guitarist and band co-founder Eddie Van Halen and actress Valerie Bertinelli - for his behavior during some of the final shows Roth performed with the band, including complaints about how Wolfgang groused about not getting enough attention from Roth and had individuals removed from shows, in what Roth implied were ill-planned attempts at one-upmanship.

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Source: MEGA / WENN

Van Halen performing during their 2012 tour, with David Lee Roth puffing up his chest, front and center as always

After opening with a brief comedy bit where Roth has a conversation with "Jesus Christ" that clearly plays off the implication that Wolfgang got his job in Van Halen because of familial connections, Roth launches into his rant.

“This f—in’ kid, he’s complaining the entire tour like I’m not paying enough attention to him on stage," said Roth. "He’s complaining to everybody around me – the business manager, the security guy, the clothing lady – ‘Dave’s not paying enough attention to me.’”

Roth then talks about how, during a tour date in New York, Wolfgang “commandeered a couple of monkeys to go in back, behind my back, over to the side of the stage and throw out these two great dames that I invited to be my guests to the show. In fact, you aren’t gonna believe this s—. This f—in’ kid, what he doesn’t know is that these two dames work for the accounting firm that represent him, not me. But as usual, he, just like his uncle and his uncle’s brother, stiffed them for tickets."

He follows that story with a tale about a subsequent date at the Hollywood Bowl where Wolfgang performs approximately the same maneuver, which results in a twist worthy of Rod Serling. “Not only is this an accountant again, and not only is she carrying the paychecks for 82 of us on the road crew, but she’s carrying cash bonuses for everybody there," said Roth. "You may wanna pull over on this next one; you’re gonna pee your pants. Remember New York City? It’s the same f***in’ lady."

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As of this writing, Roth has not clarified the reason behind his abrupt decision to offer these revelations about his past experiences with Wolfgang, nor has Wolfgang responded to Roth's remarks. The latter did, however, appear last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with his band, Mammoth WVH, to perform a new song, "I'm Alright."


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