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Dua Lipa Recalls Being Rejected From School Choir: 'Better Luck Next Time'

The singer will release her new album 'Radical Optimism' before her headlining slot at Glastonbury this summer.

Dua Lipa
Source: MEGA

Dua Lipa recalled being rejected from her elementary school choir during a recent interview with Trixie Mattel.

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Dua Lipa is at the top of pops these days, but as a child she wasn't even at the top of her elementary school's choir.

The musician spoke about some of her earliest singing experiences during an interview with RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Trixie Mattel. Their conversation was posted to YouTube on Monday, March 18.

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Dua Lipa
Source: MEGA

The singer ended up pursuing vocal lessons outside of the classroom.

"I was in primary school and the teacher was like, 'Alright, who wants to sing and try out for the choir?'" Dua Lipa recalled.

"So I decided to stand up for the whole school and he started playing on the piano, and it was in this crazy high note and nothing came out just air and the whole school started laughing. And he was like, you know what? Better luck next time."

That obviously didn't deter the pop star.

"Later on, I was part of the choir but I was in the lower range," she said.

This led Dua Lipa to work on her vocal skills outside of the classroom.

"(I) went to singing lessons in a theater school every Saturday in London and it was the teacher there that helped me build up my confidence," she said.

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The singer is not the only chart-topper who faced rejection in their early years.

The Beatles were famously turned down by several labels and A&R representatives, including Dick Rowe of Decca Records.

Elvis Presley faced similar hurdles before his self-titled full-length debut made it to No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

Even the iconic dancer and showman Fred Astaire was poorly understood by industry figures before he found mainstream success.

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Dua Lipa
Source: MEGA

Dua Lipa will release a new album called 'Radical Optimism' before her headlining slot at Glastonbury this summer.

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Dua Lipa appeared on Mattel's channel to promote her new album Radical Optimism, which is due out on May 3 via Warner Records. Dua Lipa explained the album's title to the host.

"It was actually a term that was introduced to me through a friend of mine," she said.

"I was doing an interview with him and he was like, I heard this term radical optimism, and I think that’s something you really need. It stuck with me. He put that term in my psyche and everything in my life started connecting to that about remaining calm in the chaos and being OK when things don’t go the way you intended them to."

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Dua Lipa described the record as "a psychedelic-pop-infused tribute to UK rave culture" inspired by artists like Primal Scream, Massive Attack, Oasis, and Blur."

Shortly thereafter, the singer will headline the iconic Glastonbury festival in June alongside artists including Coldplay, SZA, Shania Twain, LCD Soundsystem and PJ Harvey.

Dua Lipa
Source: MEGA

The record is due out on May 3 via Warner Records.

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Check out the tracklist for Radical Optimism below:

  1. End of an Era

  2. Houdini

  3. Training Season

  4. These Walls

  5. Whatcha Doing

  6. French Exit

  7. Illusion

  8. Falling Forever

  9. Anything for Love

  10. Maria

  11. Happy for You


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