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Les Savy Fav Release New Single, ‘Guzzle Blood,’ Set May 10 Release Date for New Album

This will be the band's first full-length LP since 2010's 'Root for Ruin'

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Until a few weeks ago, it had been 14 years since the last time Les Savy Fav had released any new music, but they changed the status quo on February 7 when they released the single “Legendary Tippers.”

Today, they upped the ante again, not only releasing a second new single, “Guzzle Blood,” but also announcing the impending release of a new album, OUI, LSF, their first since 2010’s Root for Ruin, set for release on May 10.

“As the first song on OUI, LSF, 'Guzzle Blood' drops you into the bottom of a dark well," said frontman Tim Harrington in the press release announcing the new single and LP. "In a lot of ways the rest of the record is about the things we do to climb back out.”

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Source: Frenchkiss Records

The cover art for Les Savy Fav's upcoming new album, 'OUI, LSF'

A new album is something that Les Savy Fav fans have been waiting for for a long time. As it happens, however, it's something the band has been waiting for as well.

“For me, it’s been a long time coming,” bassist Syd Butler told Kerrang! recently. “We’ve been able to play a lot of shows in the past 14 years and every time we played I kept having an itch to write. We had a really great time in Spain in Primavera a couple of years ago that really made me want to get back to new music.” “It’s fun and it’s exciting,” said Harrington in the same interview. “We’ve always played periodically, at our own pace and our policy. But we didn’t want to go back to recording if it didn’t feel right or natural. This time, everything lined up. For me, this huge bottleneck of music came flowing.”

Harrington detailed the situation further in the aforementioned press release.

“The band was never a job, so we can’t get fired and don’t have to quit," he explained. "We had the time to figure out how to bring the people we’ve become and the people we are as artists together authentically. There’s a chaotic, untethered ecstasy at the center of the band’s universe. Squaring that with the desire to create stability and the need to endure some grind isn’t easy.”

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“The last record was a lot about holding on," Butler said in the press release. "OUI, LSF is the sound of release — no map, no preconceptions, no self-righteous certainty. There's nothing like hitting 50 to slap the cocksure vanity off your face.”

The full track listing for OUI, LSF is below.

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Les Savy Fav Oui, LSF

Out May 10th on Frenchkiss Records

1. Guzzle Blood

2. Limo Scene

3. Void Moon

4. Mischief Night

5. What We Don’t Don’t Want

6. Legendary Tippers

7. Dawn Patrol

8. Somebody Needs A Hug

9. Racing Bees

10. Don’t Mind Me

11. Oi! Division

12. Barbs

13. Nihilists

14. World Got Great

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