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Mick Mars Was Shocked to Learn He'd Been Dismissed From Motley Crue, but Has No Regrets About His Time With the Band

'I would say it’s past… impossible,' Mars said of the chances of sitting down with his former bandmates to 'hash things out.'

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Source: MEGA

Motley Crue at the premiere of Netflix's "The Dirt" world premiere held at the Arclight Hollywood Cinerama Dome on March 18, 2019

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Any Motley Crue fans who may be optimistically waiting for a reunion between the band and their former lead guitarist, Mick Mars, would probably be better served by placing their optimism elsewhere

In a new interview with Guitar World, upon being asked of the chances that he might be able to sit down and “hash things out” with his onetime bandmates, Mars replied, “I would say it’s past...impossible.”

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Source: MEGA

Mick Mars at Netflix's "The Dirt" world premiere held at the Arclight Hollywood Cinerama Dome on March 18, 2019

The relationship between Mars – who, at age 72, is the oldest of the founding members of Motley Crue (and in case you’re wondering, Nikki Sixx is 65, Vince Neil is 63, and Tommy Lee is 61) – and his bandmates has reported been fractured for several decades.

“Those guys have been hammering on me since ’87, trying to replace me,” Mars told Variety in 2023. “They haven’t been able to do that, because I’m the guitar player. I helped form this band. It’s my name I came up with, my ideas, my money that I had from a backer to start this band. It wouldn’t have gone anywhere (without me).”

Things finally hit a wall with the Mars/Motley Crue relationship on October 26, 2022, when Mars issued a statement saying that he was retiring from touring with the band. In short order, the band issued their own statement, announcing Mars’ complete retirement from the band, which led to a lawsuit from Mars; in turn, the band’s attorneys clarified that their perspective was that retiring from touring effectively was retiring from Motley Crue.

“After the last tour, Mick publicly resigned from Mötley Crüe,” Sasha Frid, the band’s litigation attorney, told Variety. “Despite the fact that the band did not owe Mick anything — and with Mick owing the band millions in advances that he did not pay back — the band offered Mick a generous compensation package to honor his career with the band. Manipulated by his manager and lawyer, Mick refused and chose to file this ugly public lawsuit.”

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“Two different words, two different meanings," Mars told Guitar Word. "It was just retiring from the touring part. I’d actively be involved in every entity of Mötley Crüe. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them. I don’t regret anything we’ve ever done – good, bad or ugly, whatever. My body just couldn’t do it anymore – the traveling part.

"I mean, I’m 72 and I have this crap [inflammatory disease Ankylosing Spondylitis]," he clarified. "It gets a little bit strenuous for me to travel around the world and keep doing that for months at a time with a two-week break. It’s just gotten to be too much for me. So yeah, that’s about it.”

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While he may not be back in the Motley Crue fold anytime soon (or ever), Mars has at least moved forward with his debut solo endeavor: The Other Side of Mars, his first-ever full-length LP, was released on February 23. Produced by Michael Wagener, the album features Mars on guitar, of course, but with a lineup that includes vocalists Jacob Bunton and Brion Gamboa, bassist Chris Collier, drummer Ray Luzier, and keyboardist Paul Taylor.

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