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Nick Cave Discusses Music, Death, Politics and Religion in New Interview With the Guardian

'The new album is really good,' said Cave. 'It’s really strong. Great songs.'

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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds will release 'Wild God' this summer.

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Ever since announcing the impending arrival of Wild God, a new album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, on August 30, the ever-delightful Mr. Cave has been doling out bits and pieces about what to expect from the LP, calling it a "record full of secrets" and indicating that it's "made up of a series of complex and interlinking narratives."

Now, in a new interview with The Guardian, Cave has offered up a few more details while also getting into some of the deep conversation that he's been known to deliver.

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Source: MEGA

Cave previously referred to 'Wild God' as 'a record full of secrets.'

“The new album is really good," said Cave. "It’s really strong. Great songs.” He also said that Wild God is the first thing he's created since his son Arthur’s death that isn’t “set through a lens of loss."

To be fair, Cave has had quite a bit of loss to get through. In addition to losing Arthur in 2015 after the 15-year-old took LSD for the first time and fell from a cliff near his home in Brighton, Cave lost his 31-year-old son Jethro in 2022. Jethro's cause of death has never been released, but he was a diagnosed schizophrenic. His onetime girlfriend, Danica Conwell, told the Daily Mail that she didn't believe it was a suicide, however, saying that Jethro "loved life."

When Simon Hattenstone, who conducted the interview, mentions how generous and nonjudgmental Cave was when he previously interviewed him in 2008, Cave concedes his surprise, explaining, "I tend to have a low opinion of myself back then. I see a cutoff point around the death of my first son of a change of character. But it’s not as black and white as I thought.”

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The topic of death is recurring during the course of the interview, even when discussing his ceramic artwork.

“Even when I’m trying to use art to escape certain feelings and sorrows I have, everything just seems to fall into the slipstream of the loss of my son. And even when I was glazing these, Jethro died, so it’s like … What I’m trying to say is these losses are just incorporated into the artistic flow and they move in a direction that is beyond your capacity to rein in. They’re just sitting at the end of everything you do. In the end, the ceramics are a story about a man’s culpability in the loss of his child, and addressing that in a way I wasn’t really able to do with music. That’s what happened without any intention.”

As for the religious aspects of death, Cave tackled those a bit as well.

“Look, this is extremely difficult to talk about, but one of the things that used to really worry me is that Arthur, wherever he may be, if he is somewhere, somehow understands what his parents are going through because of something he did, and that his condition of culpability is not dissimilar to mine," said Cave. "And I think that’s the reason behind a lot of what I do. It’s to say it’s OK. I mean it’s not OK, but we’re OK. We’re OK. I think [my wife] Susie feels that, too.”

Cave also acknowledges that he is not now, nor has he ever been, a Tory. “The concept that there are problems with the world we need to address, such as social justice; I’m totally down with that," he said. "However, I don’t agree with the methods that are used in order to reach this goal – shutting down people, cancelling people. There’s a lack of mercy, a lack of forgiveness. These go against what I fundamentally believe on a spiritual level, as much as anything. So it’s a tricky one. The problem with the right taking hold of this word is that it’s made the discussion impossible to have without having to join a whole load of nutjobs who have their problem with it.”

You can read the whole interview here.

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