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Paul Rodgers Returns With New Record 'Midnight Sun': 'It's My Best Album to Date'

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Source: The Press House

Paul Rodgers prepares to release his first studio album on Sun Records

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He's fronted Free, been the longtime lead singer of Bad Company, teamed with Jimmy Page to form The Firm, worked with Kenney Jones as vocalist for The Law, and even had a go as the lead singer of Queen before Adam Lambert got the gig for the long haul. In 2023, however, Paul Rodgers is once again going the solo route, and this time he's doing so for one of the most legendary labels in rock history.

On September 22, Rodgers will release Midnight Sun, the sixth album of his career and his first for Sun Records, which is now also home to such artists as Ian Hunter, Chris Isaak, and Suzi Quatro.

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Source: Sun Records

Paul Rodgers releases the cover art for his upcoming solo album, 'Midnight Rose,' his first for Sun Records

Of his new label, Rodgers said in a statement, “They introduced me to musicians Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter, Elvis Presley and many others who set me on my musical adventures.”

In turn, Dominic Pandiscia, Chief Strategy Officer of the Primary Wave/Sun Label Group, said, “Paul Rodgers is a rock legend and we’re proud to have him on the Sun Records label. His [new] album...is a modern day classic that his established and new fans will love. We have heard one consistent comment throughout the record making process and it’s that Paul has never sounded better. I couldn’t agree more.”

Produced by Cynthia Rodgers and Bob Rock and recorded at Roper Recording and The Warehouse, Rodgers said in the press release for Midnight Rose that the album “grew from sparks of ideas I had... [and] the sparks developed into a raging fire when the band and everyone involved brought their absolute ‘A’ game. I think it is my best album to date, I like it."

Granted, that last bit is the sort of thing that virtually every artist says about their latest album, but in Rodgers' defense, the new tracks he's used to tease the new album have revealed him to be in fine vocal mettle.

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Thus far, Rodgers has teased the new album with two songs: "Living It Up," released on June 23, and "Take Love," released on July 28.

Unfortunately for fans, however, Rodgers isn’t planning to take to the road to promote the album. In an interview with New York radio station Q104.3 in late July, he was asked if he had any plans for live shows, to which he replied, “Not really, to be honest. Because it gets harsher and harsher out there. So, no, not really, No plans – let’s just leave it like that.”

Midnight Rose Track Listing

1. “Coming Home”

2. “Photo Shooter”

3. “Midnight Rose”

4. “Living It Up” (Rodgers, Ronning, Fedyk)

5. “Dance in the Sun”

6. “Take Love”

7. “Highway Robber”

8. “Melting”

[All songs written by Rodgers unless otherwise noted.]


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