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Sepultura Drummer Eloy Casagrande Abruptly Quits for 'Another Project' Ahead of 40th Anniversary Farewell Tour

'Luckily American virtuoso Greyson Nekrutman will take the position of Eloy Casagrande and is welcomed as the band's new drummer,' Sepultura said in a statement.

Source: MEGA

Sepultura's longtime drummer Eloy Casagrande has quit the band to join another project.

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Sepultura's longtime drummer Eloy Casagrande has quit the band ahead of its 40th anniversary global farewell tour, which is slated to begin in the group's native Brazil on Friday, March 1.

The band announced the news in a message posted to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

"On February 6th, a few days prior to the first rehearsal, drummer Eloy Casagrande informed the band that he was leaving Sepultura to pursue a career in another project," the statement says.

"The band were taken by surprise, without prior warning, he immediately left the band, abandoning everything related to Sepultura. Luckily American virtuoso Greyson Nekrutman will take the position of Eloy Casagrande and is welcomed as the band's new drummer for the 'celebrating life through death' farewell tour."

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Casagrande spent 13 years with Sepultura. Some fans have speculated that he will join Slipknot, which parted with its former drummer Jay Weinberg late last year.

Weinberg is now drumming for Infectious Grooves, the funk rock side project of Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir.

Nekrutman was added to the Suicidal Tendencies lineup last year, but there don't appear to be any hard feelings about his new position with Sepultura.

"Wishing you all the best in your journey through music and life. The SxTx Familia!" the band commented after Nekrutman reposted Sepultura's announcement on his Instagram account.

The drummer has also worked with DJ Premier, William Duvall, Billy Howerdel and Veronica Swift.

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"Today I express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible opportunity to join the legendary ranks of Sepultura for their farewell tour. To contribute to this legacy is a privilege that fills me with both honor and excitement," he said in a statement obtained by Blabbermouth.

"Sepultura's fearless approach to exploring new territories in the metal sphere is something that I have always admired and strived to emulate in my own musical endeavors. I am eagerly looking forward to adding my own spirit and passion to the mix, to connecting with the fans who have supported the band through its evolution, and to the electrifying experiences we'll create together on stage. Here's to the new chapters we'll write together, to the stages we'll conquer, and to the powerful music we'll unleash upon the world."

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Source: MEGA

The news came just days before the band is set to begin its 40th anniversary farewell tour.

Sepultura first announced its upcoming farewell tour in December 2023.

"It is a 'conscious and planned death,'" the band said in its statement on Tuesday. "As poetic as it sounds, a tour of this magnitude took nearly of year of preparing and planning which would require a lot commitment, ethics and loyalty to their fans, as well as respecting for the band's history – something that is a clear priority to Andreas Kisser, Derrick Green and Paulo Xisto."

The first show will happen in the band's hometown of Belo Horizonte. Sepultura will spend much of 2024 touring the rest of Brazil and Latin America.

The European leg of the tour will happen this fall. The band will start in Paris on Oct. 30 and end in Prague on Nov. 23.

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Source: MEGA

Casagrande spent 13 years with the iconic Brazilian groove metal act, whose original lineup is seen here.

Sepultura was formed in 1984. The group's early years were centered around frontman and guitarist Max Cavalera. The band's earliest releases fused death metal and thrash metal into a precise sound reminiscent of German bands like Sodom and Kreator.

The group switched up its approach after releasing the seminal death metal album Arise in 1991. Chaos A.D. featured a groovier, less technical approach that previewed the nu metal movement which was about to explode in the US. Their next record Roots, from 1996, is one of the most well-regarded albums from that genre.

Max left Sepultura that year and formed Soulfly in 1997. His brother Igor, who played the drums in Sepultura, departed the band in 2006. The brothers still play together in the Cavalera Conspiracy.

Sepultura's most recent album Sepulquarta was released in 2021.


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