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The Wedding Present Honor the 35th Anniversary of 'Bizarro' With Two Special Performances

The album, released on RCA, was the band's first full-length LP of their major-label career.

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Source: The Wedding Present

David Gedge, lead singer and songwriter for The Wedding Present

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It wasn’t quite as much of an earthshaking moment as Bob Dylan going electric, but in the annals of UK indie history, it was a pretty big deal in 1989 when The Wedding Present – riding high on the success of their debut album, George Best – signed a deal with RCA.

Yes, some fans balked, as indie purists are wont to do, but make no mistake: it was a well-considered decision, one resulting in a contract that allowed them to choose their own producer and their own singles...and if for some reason RCA did balk at their single selections, they had the option to release those singles independently without breach of contract. Best of both worlds, that.

But we’re getting into the weeds a bit now, when the major points to be made here, really, are these: 2024 marks the 35th anniversary of the band’s major-label debut, Bizarro, and to commemorate that occasion, the Wedding Present is doing two shows – one in London, the other in Leeds – wherein they’ll play the entirety of the album as well as a selection of their greatest hits.

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Source: The Wedding Present

The official posters for the Wedding Present's upcoming 'Bizarro: 35th Anniversary' shows

Bizarro was our second album and you can hear on it how much we had learned from the experience of recording our debut, George Best," said Wedding Present frontman David Gedge in the press release announcing the upcoming dates. "You only have to listen to something like ‘Bewitched’ to notice that there’s much more in the way of texture and depth on Bizarro. We’d just improved as songwriters and arrangers, basically. It’s no less frenetic a record, though!”

One thing's for certain, however, and that's that the freneticism described by Gedge was nowhere to be found in his performance during the video for "Brassneck," one of the two singles released from Bizarro. there's plenty of action to be had, but he's standing about as still as a statue, only just barely managing to mouth the words to the song. (That's not a complaint, mind you: it's quite entertaining to watch the chaos unfolding around him while he keeps his motion to the bare minimum.

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Back in 2011, The Wedding Present also did a round of dates where they played Bizarro in its entirety, and Gedge reflected on the experience with The Quietus at the time.

"Playing these songs in some ways is like playing in a cover band or something," said Gedge. "I imagine myself as a character playing the person I was 21-years-ago. It's kind of weird, some of the lyrics are almost in the teenage angst genre, so it is strange. It’s kind of funny in a way, but I’ve got to accept that’s the kind of stuff I was writing at the time. It is a bit 'Oh my girlfriend’s left me and I’m miserable.' A lot of that stuff is about jealousy, really, and I think as you get older you get less jealous, because you kind of think, I don’t care, see you later."

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