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Guest Column – How to have the perfect night out by Groove Armada

Guest Column – How to have the perfect night out by Groove Armada
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Having just released new album Fabric Live 87, Groove Armada‘s Andy Cato offers more advice on having the perfect night out, tonight (and every night)…

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The Opening Beer

Friday night. The town on the move, a sense of expectation in the air. Getting off to a good start is essential. Me and Tom Findlay have covered miles of city streets making sure that when the weekend’s first beer hits your lips, it’s the right beer in the right place. If you can hole up in a place playing a decent tune, serving a nice crisp lager, a selection of interesting characters to discuss and with a couple of seats at a beaten up old bar that’s seen a few sights, things have begun well.


Less of a factor in ’89, more of a factor now. Those hours between beer and stiffer drinks can be some of the best of the night. Get out of the hotel, or your comfort zone, do some research, ask some questions. The effort will be rewarded. Long dinners amongst friends in strange places are often the marker points in memories of life on the road. As food and drink flow, there’s a natural transition from day into night moves.

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Low ceiling, bustling but still ok to get a drink, a core gang of locals who look like they know where it’s at, and a motivated DJ who understands that it’s all about the build up and it isn’t 2am yet. If, on top of that, when the drink comes it’s well blended with the all important third ingredient, there’s little left to complain about. Nicely hemmed in amongst the hustle, a sense of anything being possible fills the air.


There’s an inevitable moment of friction when arriving at the club, DJ or not. The key to keeping a good night on track is to make this moment smooth. As a punter, I’d often get there early if queue pressure was likely. Hanging out alongside a building dancefloor is more fun than standing in the rain for 2 hours. As a DJ, phone ahead and get things sorted. Try and avoid spending half an hour banging on the fire escape around the back. If you can nail this step and quickly find yourself in a dark room with great sound, you’re within touching distance of a classic night. The world’s finest dark room with great sound is in London at fabric.


One man’s pleasure is another man’s pain. But house has seen off enough competition these last 25 years to be considered a universal and unifying force. There is an undying togetherness of a well blended house groove. It locks you in, lifts, makes neighbours friends. Playing it or moving to it, these are golden hours.

For more head to Fabriclondon.com.


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