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Guest Column – Why I'm Going To The Edinburgh Fringe by Beadyman

Guest Column – Why I'm Going To The Edinburgh Fringe by Beadyman
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Beatboxer Beardyman – AKA Darren Foreman – is staging a show at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. In a guest column he explains why he’s bringing One Album Per Hour at the Pleasance Grand between 18 and 24 August, and why you should watch him and not the comedy.

Why I’m going to the fringe. For any performer, particularly comedians, Edinburgh Fringe is an institution, much in the same way that prison is. No-one enjoys it, you have no choice in going, and you will emerge from it irreparably damaged.

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I say no-one enjoys it, that’s not quite true… The two million or so punters, (or “shit-eaters” as I’ve heard performers refer to them), have a great time. That is, when they’re not either being crushed by each other as they ooze like a weeping sore down the royal mile or when they’re praying for the ground to open up and swallow them up as the third shit comedian of that day dies a face-meltingly awkward death in front of them.

No, no-one enjoys the Edinburgh Fringe; agents fall over each other, scrambling to sign whoever the hottest new faces are, critics circle like vultures wielding their career-critical star-ratings of divine justice, and comedians have a three week panic attack which they invariably attempt to drink through, as they clammer for attention and affirmation, papering every available surface with images of their stupid desperate faces, desperately hoping that their face will be the one emblazoned with the critics precious stars, that their face will be a hot new one.

Its fucking awful. So why am I going? Well, its a good laugh isn’t it.

For more head to Beardyman.co.uk


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