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Q&a Metronomy - Mercury Prize, Agatha Christie, Glasto & more...

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It’s been an eventful but so far top year for Metronomy, having released their third album English Riviera in April, they’ve bagged a performance on the big stage at Glastonbury and a Mercury Prize nomination along the way. Favourites to appear in a lot of end of year lists, Joe Mount and co are currently in the middle of a UK tour, including a date at the Royal Albert Hall on 3 October as part of the venue’s Albert Sessions. Q caught up with the band for a quick chat and a Q25 video interview you can watch below.

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How was it to be nominated for the Mercury Prize this year?

Gbenga Adelekann, bass: :This year there’s a lot of records released by independent labels that’s good. It’s an indie success story.”

Joe Mount, frontman: “If you look at the records that have been nominated in previous years, it depends on taste, but it was nice to be along side Adele and PJ Harvey.”

Did it change your lives?

JM: “As far as we’re concerned we’re just touring. But for the label it’s a massive help. It means an awful lot because of the type of label it is [indie outfit Because Music]. And it certainly meant we were a bit more chipper.”

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So you’re enjoying your year so far?

“Not to sound like a winger or anything, this year has been so much enjoyably easy compared to the last album [2008’s Nights Out]. People like the record and trust the band a bit more. Glastonbury was one of the first things we found out about this year, a real Fuck me! and then there are countless other high points that kept happening.”

Playing the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury did seem to suit you…

Anna Prior, drums: “I was quite shocked because I thought there would a gaggle of people at the front who were there to watch us but when we went out on stage it was more like Oh fuck there’s a loads of people! They weren’t all there for us, but it was lovely.”

JM: “It felt like someone had taken a decision to take more of a chance this year. Us on the main stage on a Friday, it’s a bit of a chance.”

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The only downside was the little chest lights you all wear at gigs didn’t really show up, can you get bigger ones?

JM: “We’ll just have to play when it’s darker – go up the bill! [laughs] We used to use these pound shop lights and people could just buy them. We would always be trying to find them in pound shops before gigs. Now we have these bespoke ones – Hollywood style! You’d have to go some effort to source the material.”

So who do you think is more associated with English Riviera tat the moment? You or Agatha Christie?

JM: “Agatha Christie? That’s a treat no one has mentioned us alongside her yet. I was talking to this girl at Lovebox and she didn’t like the idea of our video [below] that it’s a cool place – because it isn’t . I was trying to say to her, Of course that’s correct, it’s an idea. I think there’s a danger of people not understanding that idea, and maybe people will turn up there thinking it’s like the video and be disappointed. so I think Agatha will reign on. “

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So no civic honours from Torquay’s council yet?

JM: “Nothing yet.”

GA: “I think Joe can get the keys to the town by the end of this!”

JM: “It’s funny I didn’t grow up in those towns, I was eight miles away, but I hope so. Maybe this Christmas we can turn on the illuminations. We’d probably get egged, because that’s what I would done when I was young. Egged us.”

For more on Metronomy head to Metronomy.co.uk.


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