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Artist Playlist - Franz Ferdinand's "Late Night Tales tracks that didn't make it"

Artist Playlist - Franz Ferdinand's "Late Night Tales tracks that didn't make it"
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Franz Ferdinand have just joined the esteemed ranks of Late Night Tales compilers, just releasing their own compilation into the series. However as a sort of audio DVD extra the band’s Paul Thomson has made up a bonus Playlist for Q of songs that just missed out on making it into their final selection.

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Jacques Dutronc – Hippie Hippie Hourrah

“I’d heard The Black Lips play their smacked out version of this live a few times and never realised it was a cover. The whole thing just reeks of queasy debauchery, like when you think it’s a good idea to have a cigarette after too many drinks, even though you don’t smoke, so you’re buzzed AND nauseous, that kinda thing.”

Roberto Cacciapaglia – My Time

“Roberto Cacciapaglia is more known in modern classical and experimental music circles, this was his attempt at a pop record, he enlisted a model from the midwest called Ann Steel as his muse and frontperson. This song is beautifully weird, not a million miles away from O Superman but with a push n pull hydraulic rhythm and beguiling chord progression. The cover, Ann floating by a mirror in a space age jumpsuit with biggles hat kinda sets the tone.”

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The Jellies – Jive Baby on A Saturday Night

The Jellies were from Cambridge and this single was their only release, self released (on Jelly records naturally), they took a box of seven inches to Rough Trade in 1981 and forgot to dish out the rest of the goods. Thurston Moore had a copy and my mate Mike had two which he kept in a locked vault and planned to reissue until Johnny Trunk beat him to it. It’s a proper oddity, a locked downbeat groove with a naive jump rope chant on top.”

Kim Jung Mi – Haenim

“An early 70s psychedelic folk nugget from Korea, produced by legendary guitar virtuoso and super producer Shin Joong Hyun, my understanding of the Korean language is non existent at best but apparently the subject matter of the album is springtime weather patterns, which becomes clear as day when you look at the cover. Achingly gorgeous.”

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Cumbia En Moog – Cumbia De Sal

“A couple of years ago the whole band was goofing off on Cumbia, a midtempo rhythm prevalent in a lot of Columbian popular music. This track has some nice wiggy dub fx going on and swaggers along nicely.”

Jerry Yester & Judy Henske – Raider

“Released on Zappa’s Straight label in the early 70s, this is an acid folk masterpiece, I first heard the album Farewell Aldebaran round at Erol Alkan’s house, the next morning I shelled out silly money on ebay for an original copy. The spiralling vocal rounds weave through chiming piano and banjo like stroboscopic trails at a hoedown.”

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Television Personalities – The Painted Word

“Bob’s [Hardy] go-to song as soon as we get on the bus after a show, so naturally I associate it with intoxication and jollity although would doubtless clear the room if you stuck it on at a party.”

Ricky Nelson – Lonesome Town

“The last night off we had in Paris we drank 15 bottles of white wine, had our tarot read and i played the piano with my behind. I vaguely remember hearing this too, i was probably crying.”

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