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Artist Playlist – Jim Noir's "These Who Died Too Young..."

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Spanky and Our Gang

I believe this band did nothing again really and a young man who made a bloody weird sound like this happen, died. Carbon Monoxide poisoning isn’t something we worry about anymore, but it stopped a fucking good songwriter before he even woke up to change the situation.

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I had a bloody big poster of this lady on my wall when I wrote most of my music. Details are details and I reckon she would have preferred not to have died of Flu. She like Delia Derbyshire rests in the ‘beautiful women who died section’.

Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson died when he drunkenly dived into the arena of his boatyard to retrieve goodies from the bottom. He is thought to have gone under a pier and drowned. His favourite drink was half a jug of orange, and half a jug of rum. And this is why I drink.

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5 in the morning the party was over. My friend who lived in the house brought down a armfull of records for me to listen to on the downstairs sofa. Record 1. Nillsson Shmillsson. I was on LSD and I’ve never been closer to god.

Carl Wilson

Aww CARL WILSON is my gay crush. Hey it’s fine, he’s dead. No woman OR man will ever be as beautiful as Carl Wilson and i’m sorry ladies, but the beach boys are off the stereo. You’ll be pleased to know.

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John Barry

John Barry is the single most important composer of the last 100 years. Bond yeah, Soundtacks fair enough. I am an expert on music and music I know. John Barry is the happiest, saddest, sexiest, grimmest most uplifting music ever recorded. So FUCK OFF.


This is easy. This is just a weird Doors song that sounds like they actually mean it. It’s not circus, it’s not tongue in cheek, it’s not 60’s spook satire. It’s just really bloody boring and straight. And also really sodding good. Not bad for a Chevy Chase lookalike.

Chameleon Church (Chevy Chase 68)

DID I SAY CHEVY CHASE????? Well………….This happens to be Chevy Chase in 1968 playing the drums in a band called Chameleon Church. I say it’s great, and if you go on the yoo toob and find this stuff for yourself, you’ll see it’s amazing. He even wrote some of the songs, I can’t recommend seeking it out on youtube enough.


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