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Artist Playlist – Kasper Bjørke's music "to get your running shoes on & your chubby ass out there to"

Artist Playlist – Kasper Bjørke's music "to get your running shoes on & your chubby ass out there to"
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The summer, and all its excess, is fading, the gyms are full of offers to join on the cheap, yep it seems this year that autumn is the new, er, New Year, in that it’s time to get fit! Well fitter… to help you along Kasper Bjørke, whose fourth album After Forever, was recently remixed and re-released as After Forever Revisited, is here to help. “I’ve made a playlist to inspire you to get your running shoes on and your chubby ass out there,” he explains. “It will help you avoid the Will Ferrell dadbod look and still enjoy Danish pastries too!”). A few stretches, then let’s begin…

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Kasper Bjørke – Marbled Blood (Colders 11:03 PM Remix)

“To get the run started right, take it pretty slow to warmup… This is a brand new remix made by french electronic dark wave artist Colder. Colder released some electronic milestones around 10 years ago and soon he is back with a new album after a long period in hiatus.”

DJ Koze – XTC

“The first time I heard this track I knew this would be one of those tracks every Dj want to close their set with.

Its dreamy and beautiful and has an amazing pace and buildup – which makes is very suitable for the first part of your run as you are picking up the pace.”

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Jamie XX – Gosh

“Jamie XX is a fantastic producer, I could have picked any of his releases to go into a playlist. Gosh has a great drive and wonderful programmings and samples. Perfect to get you into full gear.”

Bicep – Just

“This track has a beautiful dark syntesizer anthem driving underneath the main theme, that is perfect for getting over your first hill during your run. The drum programmings are wicked too.”

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Kasper Bjørke – Apart (Michael Mayer Remix)

“Moving into darker, faster territorry with Kompakt head honcho Michael Mayers epic remix of the 4th single from my last album. I love that he went in this old school direction with his remix – it has a great, dark force and a beautiful melancholic vibe to it. Its a very special remix to me and I often play it in my sets.”

Kenton Slash Demon – Skydancer

“Some Danish friends of mine made this epic track recently – one of them is actually my neigbour and he runs all the time, so I thought, why not…”

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The MFA – The Difference it Makes (Superpitcher Remix)

“An older track with that ssignature Superpitcher sound to it. Reminds me of my younger days when I went raving every weekend. Now I run a lot more than I rave.”

Eduardo De La Calle – The Demigod’s Control

“This is a really weird track and I never dared to play it out in my sets, even though I really want to. It has an amazing, long buildup, perfect for your run when you are about to hit that second wall and can almost sense the end but arent sure how you will get there without stopping for ice-cream.”

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Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

“I run to this particular track all the time. Its perfect for running. The video has a skateboarder in it, so definitely made for movement, if not on the dancefloor then on the pavement. It almost pushes you forward and I find it really inspiring production wise.”

Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix)

“One of my absolute all time favorite tracks. Uptempo and a dreamy with a “high to the ceiling atmosphere”— it reminds me of dancing on the beach or running with the sun in my eyes. What better way than to finish a run than with this classic tune.”

For more head to Kasperbjorke.com .


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