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Artist Playlist – Lights' songs for “Imagining yourself in a mystical fog”

Artist Playlist – Lights' songs for “Imagining yourself in a mystical fog”
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Canadian singer Lights (or Valerie Poxleitner more formally) released her latest album Midnight Machines earlier this yea, and she’s made us a playlist of songs for “Imagining yourself in a mystical fog” too. Mysterious…

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The Japanese House – Letter By The Water

“This song was actually the theme catalyst. I was on my way to a song-writing session in Malibu a few weeks ago and the producer’s place was in the mountains accessible only by a really sketchy canyon road. That day it was so foggy I couldn’t see where I was going and I felt like I was going to disappear into the mist never to return. That was also the first day I bought this Japanese House EP so that was my soundtrack and the whole experience was really trip.”

Animal Kingdom – White Sparks

I was sitting in a random little restaurant eating comfort food and it was raining outside and the wine was really good. And this song came on and I Shazamed it and forever it reminds me of my good memory.

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Grouplove – Girl

Late one night I was driving home and my GPS stopped working (and they wonder why we have trust issues with technology). I was quite lost and ended up just cruising the suburbs. This song came on and I had never heard it, it’s the bonus track from their record. Every step of the way I was hooked and for a few minutes I wasn’t completely pissed off that I was lost.

Jen Wood – Fell In Love

“I’m not really sure why I’m drawn to this song so much, I think there’s something really simple and honest about it. I doesn’t feel like a lot of emotional effort to invest in, but still it’s really emotional.”

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Com Truise – Closed

“One day I was driving (this is my number one time for listening to music as you probably have gathered) and this song came on while I was stuck in traffic. It was raining in LA which never happens so this weird steam was coming off the road. And I thought “that’s gross,” but more importantly, I was happy for the trees and the grass who were looking very parched. It was like this happy moment for the greenery as they celebrated in the gross road mist.”

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

“This song came on shuffle the other day and it was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. The chords really struck, the lyrics hit all the right places. I also feel a little high listening to Pink Floyd without actually being high which is exciting. So things got a little foggy even without being in the fog.”

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Frida Sunder – Hanging By A Thread

“I was turned onto Frida Sundemo by a friend of mine about six months ago. She’s got killer melodies and interesting production and should be ten times bigger than she is. It’s really easy to listen to, yet still surprises you with where it goes, especially this song. There are a few random key changes and it really works, which is hard to accomplish.”

Purity Ring – Grand loves (ft Young Magic)

I know this song is older, Purity Ring have put out a lot more music since this came out. But it still has power and loads of vibe and would be a definite soundtrack to a “romantically confusing” mystical fog experience.

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Stephen Swartz – Bullet Train (ft Joni Fatora)

This song is simple and easy with some really interesting turns in production. I appreciate when people can work guitar beautifully into an electronic track.

Slow Magic – Hold Still

This track is purely instrumental and purely vibes. Sometimes I appreciate not having to listen to lyrics, I get really sucked in by lyrics and it’s hard to carry a conversation. It’s a curse sometimes! Having just music on, especially a song like this that sets up a real soundscapey ambience, I can just sit there and dream and think about other things.

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Broods – Never Gonna Change

“Sad, dark and dreamy but still with a mad groove, this is one of the ultimate fog walk songs.”

Brian Marela – Take Care of Me

“I think I first heard this song when I was wandering around in public and I Shazamed it because I wasn’t used to hearing this kind of song in public. Still every time I listen to this song it takes me away for some reason.”

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