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Artist Playlist - Moodoïd's songs in "Le Style Français"

Artist Playlist - Moodoïd's songs in "Le Style Français"
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Moodoïd is the project Melody’s Echo Chamber guitarist Pablo Padovani, the son of French jazz man Jean-Marc Padovani and they have just released their debut album Le Monde Möö this week (1 Sept). To celebrate and pay tribute to the acts that inspired him, Pablo has made Q a Playlist of songs in “Le Style Français”. “I’m fond of french artists, I wouldn’t be doing what I do if that wasn’t for some of them that inspired me big time, that still inspire me,” he explains. “Here’s a very eclectic selection of artists and songs I grew up listen to, some others that are currently soundtracking my life, classics and new comers… Le Style Français!”

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Blind Digital Citizen – Reykjavik 402

“Blind Digital Citizen is a young french band that is on the same Paris-based label as me, Entreprise. They’re family. And great!”

Alain Souchon – Jamais content

“I listened to this song all the time when i was a kid, title means ‘never content’ which is soooo french, isn’t it? It reminds me of long drives with my parents, with my little brother next to me and we’d sing along to that song in the car.”

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Les Rita Mitsouko – Marcia Baila

“Les Rita Mitsouko are this cult french band from the 80s and 90s. Probably my fav french band ever actually! I’ve picked this amazing acoustic version of their hit song “Marcia Baila”

Jacques Higelin – I Love The Queen

“Jacques Higelin is probably one of the craziest most funny french musicians, he talks about your Queen in this song I picked, hope you’ll appreciate!”

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Claudine Longet – Jealous Guy / Don’t Let Me Down (medley)

“Us French love British music! We all tried to sing in English at some point, with our funny accent. And sometimes it sounds like this, and I think it’s very touching, thank you Claudine.”

Hyperclean – Fermer Ta Gueule

“Hyperclean is another band I grew up listening to. When I was in high school I wouldn’t miss any of their concerts. They were my Beatles! Oh and the song I picked here translates “shut the fuck up”. Thought you’d like to know…”

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Riff Cohen – Une Femme Assise

“Riff is an Israeli singer who sings in French. I’m a fan of hers, she’s inspired by traditional Israeli music. I’m very lucky to have her singing on a few songs of my album Le Monde Möö listen carefully, you’ll hear her!”

MC Solaar – Paradisiaque

“He’s my favorite French rapper. He’s kind of retired now I think, which I deplore. I’d love to collaborate with him one day! I picked a live version here. Unfortunately his records from the 80s/90s are nowhere to be found (yet) on Spotify… but I invite you to search and listen to his first tracks which were produced by Philippe Zdar.”

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Aquaserge – Tombé Dans La Selve

“This is the band formed by my some of my best friends. Best prog rock band in town right now, I tell you, consisting of Tame Impala’s drummer, Melody’s Echo Chamber’s bass player and Stereolab’ keyboard player! Quite the combo! love ’em.”

Bagarre – Mourir Au Club

“Yet another young Parisian band that just released its first EP. This song here i particularly like.”

For more head to Facebook.com/Moodoid.


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