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Artist Playlist – "Music to play at midnight" by Cosmo’s Midnight

Artist Playlist – "Music to play at midnight" by Cosmo’s Midnight
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With a band called Cosmo’s Midnight, Cosmo Liney knows a thing or two about staying up till the witching hour… so today (31 December) is pretty much peak time for him. With his Moments EP out now, he’s made Q this playlist of Music to play at midnight, tonight or any night. “I’d say the general vibe for this playlist is bittersweet,” he says. “Songs tinged with nostalgia, or songs that just make sense in the crisp night air. I used to make playlists for this all the time and once gave a girl a CD of such music as a gift…”

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Mura Masa – I’ll Be Alright (Tonight)

“Mura Masa seems to be a really gifted young producer who has a knack for creating really organic tunes, I’d say my favourite track of his right now would be this. It’s one of his more downtempo tunes and is so jazzy with lots of breathing room, tied together with a deep, warm bass.”

Japanese Wallpaper – Breathe In (ft Wafia)

“Breathe In has an incredibly nostalgic air to it. On a similarish tip to producers like tycho, Japanese Wallpaper’s music is most suited to night time (preferably in the AM). As I don’t go out all the time I usually find that the music I like to listen to most at home is stuff that is truly affecting.”

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John Tejada – Two 0 One

“This is the only track in the playlist that follows some kind of conventional house structure. I heard this track conveniently around midnight while driving around in a car and I was immediately reminded of songs like the ones in the playlist they just transport you to a place and setting that just makes you feel like what you are doing at the current time is the right thing for that moment.”

Tei Shi – Nevermind The End (Saint Pepsi remix)

“Saint Pepsi (now known as Skylar Spence) remix Tei Shi to make one of the more optimistic tracks in this playlist. Tei Shi’s vocals float perfectly over the instrumentals filtered chords. All the tracks sound design in perfect and I feel Skylar’s rendition of the track fully realised the potential of the vocals. This song has got lots of seaside sounds in it so I reckon it would be nice to hear this one at the beach before a night swim.”

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Tennyson – Lay-By

“I don’t if it’s because Tennyson live in frosty Canada but the duo always seem to put out songs inspired by their surrounding neighbourhood that have an air of the coolness of night to them. Sounds of feet crunching in snow, raindrops, or car door alarms, like in this song, can be found throughout all of their tracks which really give them a sense of place.”

Lindsay Lowend – June 17

“Ever since Tony finished his EP Wind Fish he’s been pursuing a more experimental refined and organic sound. And like many of the songs in this playlist the bass is low and warm and the top melodies are drenched in icy reverb. Tony has a real grip on creating affecting melodic movement and had to be included in this playlist.”

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Joe Hisaishi – One Summer’s Day

“Partly because Spirited Away is ingrained into all the people from our generation and partly because Joe Hisaishi is an amazing composer this song will always be one of our favourites. When i’m home I often come back to this song and go through the movie in my head.”

The Chemical Brothers – Another World

“The Chemical Brothers are one of my favourite producer duos they are just so good at making songs that will last forever, something we find very important as producers. Although i’m a big fan of lots of other chem bros songs I’d say this one is my favourite of theirs.”

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Round – Glass

“Not much is known of this producer from Denmark but he makes incredible lo-fi and perfectly repetitive and euphoric house music, something about simple repetition and falling chords patterns are just really euphoric and perfect for late night listening.”

Swim Good X Merival – Since U Asked

“Swim Good’s music is very samply and as such sounds very grounded in real and organic music. The chord work in this song is particularly affecting and although I could easily enjoy this at any time of day, all music sounds best at night!”

For more head to Facebook.com/cosmosmidnight.


Walk With Me ft. Kucka (Original)

Walk With Me ft. Kucka (Skylar Spence Remix)

Walk With Me ft. Kucka (KOA Remix)

Snare ft. Wild Eyed Boy(Original)

Taken from the ‘Moments’ EP

Label: Sony Australia

– Over 1 million plays on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube

– Support inc. Annie Nightingale, The Internet Takeover, Majestic Casual (“so good”), The Line of Best Fit (“Snare” is coy R&B in a Disclosure-cum-Sam Smith kind of way”), Mixmag and Noisey.

Listen/Download: https://soundcloud.com/cosmosmidnight/sets/snarewwm-remixes/s-1Or9H


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