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Artist Playlist – Poliça's "Minneapolis sound"

Artist Playlist – Poliça's "Minneapolis sound"
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Minneapolis’ Poliça return next year with new album United Crushers on 4 March, while they play a UK date at London’s Village Underground on 15 February. However, with their new record examining “solation, the urban decline and gentrification” among other themes, ahead of their own action the group are paying respect to the hometown sound they’ve grown up in with a playlist for Q. “I’m pretty much the worst about talking about music. I like certain music because of how it makes me feel and the relationship I have to it,” explains Channy Leaneagh. “All the songs on this playlist are people from Minneapolis whose music is home to me. They are my friends and people I admire and respect. I listen to these songs and they make me feel grounded in my feet and at the same time taken away far from home surrounded by the memories of what it used to be.”

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Leisure Birds – Miner Of Light

“Garage-rock Psychedelic with a John Carpenter vibe. It’s spacey and wizardry and something good to listen to on a long drive. They are great live but they never play-so it’s something you probably will only see in Minneapolis on a special rare occasion.”

RONiiA – Last Words

“This is one of the best things for sure that’s come out of Minneapolis in the past few years. It’s very nostalgic and other wordly music; it’s vocals recall olden days love songs like Mickey and Sylvia with tribaly beats like Muslim Gauze meets RZA. A trio of great people; Nona Marie from DarkDarkDark, Fletcher Barnhill from Joint Custody and Mark McGee from To Kill A Petty Bourgeouise and Marijuana Deathsquads.”

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Pony Bwoy – Ævum (Time Crawls)

“One of the saddest losses to the community; Jeremy Knutzman and Hunter Morley were Pony Bwoy. I’ve listened to all their songs so many times. Very dark, sad and sexy music–slow dripping and time crawling – like a title of the songs listed here. They are on some sort of hiatus right now but they were making some of the most progressive and neccessary music from these here parts. Hopefully people will beckon them out of hiding to make more tunes ASAP.”

Kill The Vultures – Crown

“Kill The Vultures are undeniably one of the best bands to come out of Minneapolis. It was actually birthed in the Bay area but came back home to Minneapolis 10 plus years ago and have just put out their fifth full length; Carnelian. It is an amazing record and the world needs to listen to it.”

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Dizzy Fae – Color Me Bad

“This women is about 18 and this is the only song she’s released. She is from St. Paul but she is playing one of our record release parties in March in Minneapolis and I can’t wait to see her sing this song live.”

Lizzo – Batches And Cookies

“Lizzo is a powerful person. She is full of light and focus. I’m excited for her new record and all the places she will go but this older video is a classic.”

Marijuana Deathsquads – Full Performance (Live on Radio K) + HAL & Blood (live)

“This is my favorite band out of Minneapolis so I’ve included two videos. Isaac Gale is my favorite vocalist in Minneapolis and almost anywhere else. It is because of this band that I wanted to work with Ryan Olson. It’s great on record but it’s the best live so here are a few live performances.”

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Vampire Hands – No Fun

“The bass player in Polica, Chris Bierden has an amazing voice. This is one of his bands and they aren’t a band anymore which everyone should be very bummed about. Listen to this song! He is a great songwriter.”

StoLyette – Lubymaya

“A duo making very unique songs. Song structures are like nothing I’ve heard and she sings mostly in Russian. I’ve seen them live five times, which is a lot for someone who never goes out.”

Roma di Luna – Plenty

“Super blown out rough recording of a live performance at Minneapolis’ own Electric Fetus – a great record store here – with my first band Roma di Luna. This is one of my favorite songs I ever wrote-mostly because it is so fucking cathartic to sing. I can still feel the way it feels to sing those words.”

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