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Artist Playlist – "Seattle (and beyond) between the cracks" by The Posies

Artist Playlist – "Seattle (and beyond) between the cracks" by The Posies
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Having just returned with album Solid States, The Posies are shining a light on their “lesser known tracks from our Northwest neighbours”, picking music that’s grown up in between the same Seattle cracks they did. Ken Stringfellow picks the first five, Jon Auer the latter…

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The Halo Benders – Freedom Ride

“Actually got to see this side project of Doug from Built to Spill, Calvin from Beat Happening and producer Steve Fisk play live once… unpretentious bandmember swapping is a Pacific Northwest trademark. We once traded our dear bassist Dave Fox to the band Flop for their bassist Mick, in the middle of a tour…”

Karp – Bacon Industury

“Another K records release… K is for KARP. No end to rifftastic bands from the Northwest from that era. Karp isn’t even from Seattle… they’re not even from Olympia, they’re from Tumwater! That’s a deep cut.”

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The Revolutionary Hydra – Crazy Mike’s Video

“They don’t admit it, but I’m pretty sure these guys hail from the Posies hometown of Bellingham, 90 miles north of Seattle. Bellingham has a small-ish university, with a great radio station (KUGS). It’s Bellingham and that scene that gave us Death Cab For Cutie; TRH could be considered, to some degrees, their protégés.”

The Stinkbugs – Bellingham

“OK, speaking of Bellingham… when I was in high school, in the 1980s, I met ‘Richie’ Rich Hodges as he was working in one of our local record stores. Rich had a show on KUGS and thus was the first person to play my music on the radio…my band the Genetic Defects. Rich’s band The Stinkbugs rarely played live; mostly the made these wonderful Casio-powered recordings. So here he tells you everything you need to know about our hometown.”

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Shelby Earl – Stay W’ Me Tonight

Well, I had to put something from Seattle’s music scene in the mix! Shelby’s one of my favorite Seattleites, one of my favourite people, and she’s a phenomenal singer. She did the gospel choir that whisks the protagonists off to the deep web of the afterlife in my & Holly (Muñoz)’s country western opera The Record.”

Pond – Agatha

“Technically from Portland, but that’s still the Northwest, innnit?…they were signed to Sub Pop so let’s call that close enough shall we? I first heard a tape of – the original band, before the Australian – Pond right at the top of the 90s. It was of a rehearsal they’d recorded on a boombox… even in that primitive state, their sound was all there, groove complete.”

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Geddy D – For You Last Fall (Ft Darius)

“Here’s a new track from an old friend I’ve known from way back in the day in Bellingham, WA… this is a one off project from Dave Einmo (Head Like a Kite, Daydream Vacation) featuring Darius Minwalla. It’s Dave’s tribute to Darius, our beloved Posies drummer who who passed away last year… a complete shock, devastating. We miss him beyond description.”

More Than Lester – Misdirection

“Also hailing from Bellingham, WA (where the Posies formed and made our first record) originally, the marriage of evocative lyrics, melody, and a truly spontaneous vocal performance (recorded in one take first thing in the morning I am told) make it a winner. A true hidden gem, one of my favorites from The Great Equalizer record.”

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Gavin Guss – Avenue A

“I’ve know Gavin for years and he’s never failed to deliver in the song department. Classic in style with his own special brand of sonorous sauce, Gavin likes his pop with a capital P. Gavin is originally from Tacoma, near where I was born.”

Graig Markel – Tightrope’s Edge

“Seattle’s Graig Markel has a sound all his own so identifiable and soulful. He’s also a one man industry of sorts, running a nifty recording studio and building boutique effects pedals. Both look and sound great. The man has both style AND substance.”

For more head to Theposies.net.


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