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Artist Playlist – The Bohicas' Best Of Quentin Tarantino Soundtracks

Artist Playlist – The Bohicas' Best Of Quentin Tarantino Soundtracks
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With The Bohicas set to release their first album, The Making Of, on Friday (21 August), the Basildon band have understandably busy. Still there’s always time for a movie night, and if frontman Dominic McGuinness has the remote a Quentin Tarantino flick could be on the cards. To praise his hero… and serve warning to his bandmates as to what tour bus viewing is likely to be for the next few months, he’s made us a Playlist of his favourite discoveries from Tarantino’s soundtracks…

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Ennio Morricone – The Mercenary (Kill Bill 2)

“There’s loads of whistling in the Kill Bill movies… This is a perfectly epic and rousing tune for that ‘one inch punch’ scene where Uma Thurman kicks the shit out of a coffin. The music is fantastic. Starts with nothing and ends everywhere.”

Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell (Pulp Fiction)

“The definition of cool. A flirt and a thug dancing in a diner. Chuck Berry has always been a massive love of mine. He’s untouched when it comes to lyrics. The story through this tune is so rich and vivid, you can see everything unfold lyric by lyric. Gorgeous stuff.”

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Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch – Hold Tight (Death Proof)

“I never heard this track before watching this film. I love it. Perfect in the car. And the crash scene in this film is exceptional. Tarantino said ‘They (the audience) want the crash to happen. It’s exciting, the girls are driving, and the audience is waiting for it, and they’re waiting for it, and… it’s like a cum shot, when it happens.'”

The Coasters – Down In Mexico (Death Proof)

“This film has an incredible soundtrack. This scene is banging. Kurt Russell is brilliant in it. We usually listen to this song after a gig in the backstage or the van. It just has this celebratory/party thing about it. Same world as Louis Prima’s I Ain’t Got Nobody/Just A Gigolo.”

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Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You (Reservoir Dogs)

“I think there’s a Tarantino movie that never got made called Double V Vega. In it, Vince Vega from Pulp Fiction and Vic Vega from Reservoir Dogs play brothers. But they both die in their films so it’d have to be a prequel. And by the time this idea came about the actors had aged too much. So the only way it could work is if they were both the surviving siblings of their respective twins. Anyway, like his brother in Pulp Fiction, Vic here dances like a thug to such a light hearted jingle. Badass.”

Dick Dale & His Deltones – Misirlou (Pulp Fiction)

“Red hot riff soundtracking a robbery. So so so so so cool. The melody of that guitar line is fantastic. I think it’s influenced by a Hungarian scale. You can’t hear this riff without thinking of this film. If you’ve seen it that is…”

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The Revels – Comanche (Pulp Fiction)

“This is the song that soundtracks the rape scene, where Bruce Willis samurai swords the scumbags and Ving Rhames whips out the classic “I’m pretty fucking far from okay”. Like the scene, this song drips with sweat and really adds to the tension and heat that’s on screen. That gimp’s pretty cool too.”

Jack Nitzsche – The Last Race (Death Proof)

“When I used to play in my brother Eugene’s band, he used this as is intro music. It’s a boss tune to walk out to a start a gig with. It opens Death Proof with the credits rolling over naked female feet on a dashboard. The opening of the tune is so menacing but when the band kicks in it’s turns into this strange waltz. Great riffs.”

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The Astro Daters – Our Next Attraction (Kill Bill & Grindhouse)

“And this is the tune we use as our intro music. Tarantino uses it as a strange edit where it jumps straight into the track. But we have the entire song. It start smaller with no horns. We wait for the horns before we walk onstage. Showbiz.”

Rocky Roberts & Luis Bacalov – Django (Django Unchained)

“Brilliant chords and melody. That opening chorus line is so epic. That with the expanse of America that Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz wonder through is beautiful. Classy stuff.”

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Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street (Jackie Brown)

“This soundtracks the final scene where Jackie Brown after spending the whole film dealing with pretty much everyone trying to send her to prison or kill her – without breaking a sweat – outsmarts everyone and takes off to Spain with a bag full of cash. I defy anyone to watch this film and hear this track and not feel fucking amazing. Bobby Womack and Pam Grier owning it, what more could you want.”

George Baker – Little Green Bag (Reservoir Dogs)

“Basically what being in a band should feel like. Walking with a bunch of hard nuts down a street, looking mean, soundtracked by a badass riff. Hit the high street with this in your headphones and you’ll feel invincible.”

For more head to Thebohicas.com.


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