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Artist Playlist – The Pre New's "Sounds for summer days on funfair waltzers"

Artist Playlist – The Pre New's "Sounds for summer days on funfair waltzers"
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As mid-summer approaches (21 June) and days lengthen thoughts naturally turn to fetes and funfairs. Warm evenings and hazy fun. Having released album The Male Eunuch last month The Pre New intend to spend this one frolicking and they’ve made us a Playlist of new music for waltzers and Funfairs. “Why? Well, travelling fun fairs are a Poundland version of the cheapest package holiday to a European Easyjet destination with Ryan Air customer service. From new built cities around the M25 to shit seaside towns up and down the UK, the fun fair is the real mainstay of British life, where we really are ‘All in it together’,” they explain. “Recall for a second the smell of donuts, the ones that are deep fried not the American, Krispy Kreme version. Spending money (that you don’t have) trying to win a flammable Tasmanian Devil cuddly toy or an almost dead Goldfish. All to impress your date in the hope you can seduce them under the waltzer to prove your worth and ultimately so your mates can smell your fingers. It’s the sound of teenage pregnancy, lines of flashing bulbs, thugs on legal highs, chip fat and diesel fumes – welcome to the World of Headrushes & Cheap Gropes. Festivals are trying to get in on the fun fair act now… you enjoy both in equal measures, a mixture of getting ripped off, heightened neo reality and sun burn.”

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So Solid Crew – 21 Seconds

“This song is perfect to ignite a crowd of lads hitting the punch bag game trying to ‘out man’ each other – there’s always one who does the running head butt to impress their mates or a group of girls. It never works and ultimately nobody ever wins a thing. This song reminds us of a night out in Milton Keynes, mid week.”

Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

“Girls with midriffs strutting arm in arm and justifiably proud of their body shape unconsciously reclaiming their sexuality from gender traitors like Kate Moss.”

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Kraftwerk – Numbers

“Jim, house singer of The Pre New heard this on a waltzer in Sheffield in the late 80s, whilst mid ride. It was so disorientating it cancelled itself out and right there, right now, there was a moment of absolute clarity.”

The Prodigy – Firestarter

“The sound of seaside violence on a balmy summers night. You wanted the girl, the girl you did your hair twice for before leaving the house, but she left with your mate, so it’s time to score some super lager and ‘prove you never cared anyways’.”

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The Tornadoes – Telstar

“The perfect song to be beaten up, other than Navyhead by Earl Brutus.”

David Guetta

“Anything by this type of DJ, we don’t know the names of the tracks, but that’s not the point – you know this type of artists tune anywhere. It will normally involve some up and coming pop artist collaboration and egotistical lyrics. You’ll be singing it in your head at the kebab shop later that night.”

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Slaves – The Hunter

“Not heard this at a fun fair but reckon’ it’ll be magic. It’s got a great riff that builds tension, perfect for the dodgems or after you’ve been mugged and end up blagging the bus home.”

Gary Glitter – Rock And Roll Part 2.

“Doesn’t get played at all these days, which is worth a separate discussion, but in ’72 this primordial stomp spread semis across the fairground and invoked Clockwork Orange inspired micro riots. How the mighty have fallen into a black hole.”

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The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz

“‘Are you ready steve….uh huh…’ Mental sing a long frenzied sex on a stick. An actual teenager created sonically.”

The House Of Pain – Jump Around

“The ultimate song for the Home Counties to prove they know all the words to a ‘rap song’…animated hand gestures at the ready in preparation for the student union that awaits them after the summer.”

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