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Artist Playlist – Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats' "Songs for night in the big city"

Artist Playlist – Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats' "Songs for night in the big city"
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Having released album The Night Creeper earlier this year, psychedelic rockers Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats know a think or two about being out after dark, hence this Playlist compiled by frontman Kevin Starrs has compiled. “This is a collection of songs that are best listened to when night falls in the city,” says the man from Uncle. “They’ll provide the perfect soundtrack to various situations and sights that you’ll come across as you travel in the dead of night.”

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Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Midnight Walker

“Like a late night noir soundtrack for when you’re walking alone on a rainy night. There’s a sense of something lurking or following behind you at a slow but steady pace. This whole album is a late night classic. Maybe one day it will get the vinyl release it deserves.”

The Dead Boys – Not Anymore

“The heat from the sewer grate don’t warm my bed”. This song describes the torture endured by the homeless during those cold city nights. There’s some great lyrics all over this track and I love the guitar harmony that comes in quite unexpectedly.”

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Iron Maiden – Killers

Time for a quick subway trip. ‘A footstep behind you, he lunges prepared for attack.’ The intro bass riff almost made me switch from guitar to bass just so I could be like Steve Harris. I’d also recommend the song Caught Somewhere In Time for a more futuristic Blade Runner night stroll, but if you want a grittier evening, this is the one. Up the Irons!”

Judas Priest – Dissident Aggressor

“Unbelievable heaviness from 1977, this is full on, lawless street fighting music. ‘I’m stabbing and bawling, I’m punching and crawling’. One of the greatest metal songs ever. The building tension in the beginning, like marching armies of the night ready to kick off…then that eerie snyth scream hits you and all hell breaks loose. When that killer riff and the vocals finally come in, it’s pure pandemonium!”

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Neil Young & The Bluenotes – Twilight

“Even on Neil Young’s worst albums, you’ll find hidden gems like this. An under rated masterpiece. This has a sleazy late night, David Lynch/lounge club feel to it. Some of Neil’s best and most tasteful guitar playing can be found on this song. Trashy, overdriven, reverb drenched 50’s tube heaven!”

Cheap Trick – Heaven Tonight

“This has a creepy, dream like vibe to it. It reminds me of zombie street junkies being lured by dealers into night time death alleys. You know someone’s time is up. A sad, downbeat tune that’s probably my favourite from Cheap Trick.”

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Arnold McCuller – Nowhere To Run

“‘For all you boppers out there in the big city…’ This is my favourite version of the song, probably because it reminds me of The Warriors. There’s the classic scene with the late night DJ spinning the track as the gang runs around New York City in the pouring rain.”

Bill Evans – Peace Piece

“Sometimes in the madness of the city you want a place to sit and watch the night pass by. This is the perfect track to escape from everything. It starts peacefully but slowly becomes discordant and jarring as if poisonous thoughts are crawling through your brain as you try to switch off from the world. It’s an improvised piece and highlights what a master Bill Evans was.”

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W.A.S.P. – Show No Mercy

“You’ll often come across areas in the city at night that are like post apocalyptic wastelands. Burnt out cars, hobo trash can fires, banshee cries, lawless parking lot bike gangs. This track encapsulates all of that. A rarely mentioned 80s classic!”

John Carpenter – Assault On Precinct 13 (Main Title)

“The sound of warm analog synth’s as you walk past graffiti shutters, neon signs and that old police precinct that’s about to get ambushed! John Carpenter is a not only a genius filmmaker but also an incredible composer and this early work is one of my favourites.”

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John Martyn – Small Hours

“This song is perfect for those quiet moments before dawn. I first heard this on a documentary and had no idea what it was called, so I went out and bought about 12 of his albums before I finally found it. He has a great back catalog, so the journey was worth it!”

Joe Walsh – In The City

“Joe Walsh is one of the most underrated guitarists and songwriters ever. From James Gang to his solo work, his brain works on another dimension. This song is a classic. Great melodies and slide guitar playing. Love the backing vocals as well. The perfect song to play after you’ve survived a night in the city…”

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