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Artist Playlist - "We love it when it rains" by Trampolene

Artist Playlist - "We love it when it rains" by Trampolene
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While the impending “Weather Bomb” has most scurrying for shelter, Welsh newcomers Trampolene will be out there embracing the rain part at least. “Everywhere in Wales is filled with a rain-dew moisture, the type you see glistening on a stone in the morning. People used to say to me that Swansea was the wettest city in Europe, and that’s why I love the rain,” explains the band’s Jack Jones, who will though be hoping things clear up by New Year’s Eve when they support Carl Barat at the Macbeth in London. “It reminds me of home. Of waterlogged pitches on a Saturday, and of those times I stood with my friends, sheltering from the rain at bus stops. These songs fill my head with the feeling of rain both real and metaphorical, I hope they do for you too. Let the rain commence.” Here are their songs to accompany the sound of pitter-patter.

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Scott Walker – Its Raining Today

“My favourite rain song. His voice just blows me away. I found out recently, from a friend, that Scott got really nervous before he performed. You can see his hands shaking on the Dusty Springfield show on Youtube. That made me love him even more. I love the transition in this song. It’s mad. There’s loads of great lines, such as Bring our dreams to someone new and No hang ups for me/ coz hang ups need company. I love to listen to this song when its raining – which means I listen to it a lot.”

Richard Hawley – Just Like The Rain

“I’ve spent hours learning his songs, such an amazing song writer and guitar player. My Mum’s from Sheffield so any artists from there she calls her own and blasts out all over the house. It always seems to rain when I am coming home to Swansea.”

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Bob Dylan – A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall

I heard the song of a poet who died in the gutter. People used to say that line was about Dylan Thomas. But there’s a lot of mythology linking Dylan Thomas to Bob Dylan. I don’t know if any of it’s true but they both wrote some incredible poetry. I also love that allegedly Dylan said the song ‘consisted entirely of the first lines of songs he would never have time to write’.”

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Ain’t gonna Rain Anymore

“Whenever my mate got drunk he would sing Into my arms in this funny deep voice. Makes me smile now. I love the deep backing vocal in this song. Nick Cave, what a great writer. Proper hero and one of my favourite songs about breaking up.”

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Buddy Holly – Raining In My Heart

“I don’t know if it’s embarrassing or not to admit that Weezer introduced me to Buddy Holly, but that’s the truth. My mate used to say it was raining in his heart everytime Swansea City lost. Which up until recently, was quite often. It’s tragic how young he was, the day the music died. I was reading this Beatles book and apparently on there first trip to America the plane had really bad turbulence and they all thought they were going to die and Lennon just turned to everyone to say ‘At least I’m gonna die like Buddy Holly’ I don’t know if that true, but it mad me laugh.”

Prince & The Revolution – Purple Rain

“I’ve played this solo a thousand times. It’s such fun to play. The fade annoys me on the album version.The full live version is better because it just goes on forever and ever.”

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Garbage – Only Happy When It Rains

“I just love Shirley’s voice. I loved it when I was a kid and I still love it now – it does what it says on the can – makes me happy.”

Gene Kelly – Singin’ In The Rain

“This song is ingrained in peoples heads from the moment they’re born. I defy you to go out today and find someone who can’t sing it to you. Mega tune.”

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Led Zeppelin – Rain Song

“If you’re a guitarist you have to learn these chords. They are just stunning. Make sure you listen right the way to the end because there’s a brilliant bit of delay on the last chord. Proper attention to detail from Jimmy. Allegedly inspired by a comment from George Harrison about Led Zeppelin never writing ballads, the first two chords are taken from the Beatles Something.”

The Horrors – Changing The Rain

“From some reason their new album just reminds me of Trigger happy TV, or Gorillaz. I mean that in good way. I used to love that when I was a kid. The video is trippy. I walked into a house party the other night and everyone was smoking weed and listening to this song. Open your eyes.”

Further listening: The Jesus & Mary Chain – Happy When It Rains, The Ronnettes – Walking in the Rain, Bob Dylan – Rainy Day Women, The Cult – Rain, The Everly Brothers – Crying in the Rain, BJ Thomas – Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head.

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