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Guest Playlist – Ibiza Cookery Club! Music to make Mediterranean food to

Guest Playlist – Ibiza Cookery Club! Music to make Mediterranean food to
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Cookery is ostensibly a long way from music journalism, but former Q staffer Cila Warncke found plenty of similarities while editing Anne Goelet Sijmonsbergen’s just Eivissa: The Ibiza Cookbook. “A different creative endeavour, to be sure,” she said. “But the outrageous riders, manic schedules, excessive wine consumption, and jousting egos were strangely familiar.” Here is Warncke’s Guest Playlist for her own Ibiza Cookery Club.

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The Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

“This became our theme tune as we discovered the things you can’t reliably get in Ibiza: electricity, internet connection, sunshine, anyone to arrive anywhere on time. The soaring gospel chorus was a mood enhancer, even when there was no prospect of getting what we needed.”

Echo &The Bunnymen – Bring on the Dancing Horses

“The sound of a Quixotic overnight mission to Menorca to research Mahon cheese, a Balearic speciality that Annie was determined to write up. Sprinting between farms listening to my favourite Liverpudlians we came upon a troupe of cavall Minorquin, the indigenous breed known as “dancing horses” for its skill at dressage.”

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David Guetta – Just a Little More Love (Wally Lopez remix)

“Before Guetta became an Akon-collaborating, festival headlining global EDM phenomenon he was a fun DJ with a nice line in sunshiny Space anthems. We dug this out of the vault out because sometimes you need an uplifting hit of electro house nostalgia to get through another five hours of line editing.”

Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi

“Can Riero, Anne’s home and organic farm, provided ingredients and inspiration for Eivissa’s recipes and was our unofficial office space. Big Yellow Taxi captures the jolt we experienced every time we left this green idyll to sit behind snorting, steaming orange machines that were busy turning the nearby carretera into a high-speed motorway.”

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Faithless – Insomnia

“Surprisingly, editing was just as fertile a breeding ground for insomnia as my erstwhile Ibiza regime of laser lights, deafening bass and dubious substances. Not even industrial quantities of Yogi BedTime tea with red wine chasers switched off the bouts of sleep-stealing anxiety over ingredient lists and page layouts.”

Walk The Moon – Shut Up and Dance

“A fixture in the Spanish top 40 at the peak of the Eivissa writing/editing/reshooting crunch. It was always on the radio driving driving home after long (and usually maddening) days so got fixed in my mind as a feel-good antidote to the oddly protracted deadline frenzy.”

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Chicane – Saltwater

“An early 00s trance anthem and the key ingredient in fisherman’s potatoes, I learned. Recent history notwithstanding, salt is officially Ibiza’s most important white granular substance. Anne spent weeks researching the island’s millennia-old salt flats and even longer tweaking seasoning instructions in each recipe.”

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising

“As expat Yanks, Anne and I share a fondness for classic American rock. Luckily, so do Spanish Rock FM DJs. This became our full moon tune because, whether by coincidence or cosmic design, it was always about that time of the month that schedules collapsed, technology developed a mind of its own, and her houseful of black cats went bonkers.”

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Sunshine Jones – Same Mistakes

“This snaky, snarky slice of minimal deep house was a summer staple on Ibiza’s underground dancefloors and on even heavier rotation in my head. I make the same mistakes/ feels like I’ll never learn, is pretty much how it felt to read recipes for the hundredth time and find them still riddled with misplaced ingredients, spelling errors and bafflingly inconsistent metric conversions.”

Pulp – Glory Days

“During the longest, hottest days of editorial conundrums, foraging frenzies and deadline drama production coordinator Amanda and I turned to Jarvis: a man whom words never failed. His sly evocation of frustrated ambition and wistful good intentions reminded us not to take it too seriously because hey, these are glory days.”

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