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Listen to the premiere of Fractions' new EP

Listen to the premiere of Fractions' new EP
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Fractions release their new self-titled EP on 29 September – but you can stream it now exclusively via Q. Plus they’ve written us this track-by-track guide to the record.

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Into The Earth

This song was written as a good bye to our care free youths. We’re all between 25 and 29 now, so the world in recent years has become a slightly more serious place when considering the future.

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Burst is a song about how sometimes truths get lost over time to what is chosen to be remembered. We’re all capable of remembering events or times in our lives from our own points of view, without considering the bigger picture. Sometimes we even do it to support what we want to believe at a particular time. Like complaining about having no money to someone, forgetting to tell them you bought stuff, drank and ate out most days the previous week which is why your now broke.


Not feeling connected to standard paths the general public expects you to take in life. I guess being Twenty Nine I should be saving up for a house or thinking about having kids with my girl friend of Six years, not doing Synth Pop bands. At the same time the song is sort of saying don’t let all that stuff weigh you down and stop being a miserable bastard.

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In recent years I’ve spent a lot more time with my grandparents, as they’ve all hit that stage where they haven’t got a huge amount of time left. Resist is about the realisation/ fear that one day everyone reaches old age and our bodies stop working before we die.


Fate is really about getting used to being let down in life. Everyone in the world has to deal with being let down in some way shape or form, though in most cases we end up stronger for it, as you cant go through life letting situations that don’t work out defeat you.


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