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Playlist - Alt-Fest 2014 by the founder

Playlist - Alt-Fest 2014 by the founder
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Today (22 May) is World Goth Day… so happy Goth Day to you! However if one day isn’t enough for you Kettering’s Alt-Fest offers three days of the dark stuff this summer (15-17 August). To give us a taster of the delights on offer founder Dom Void has made us a Playlist of his personal picks from the bill. Have nightmares!

Killing Joke – Love Like Blood

“A classic, still fills the floor with Goths a dancing at any club I go to! And somewhat timeless, still as good as the day it was released. Have to say though their recent albums are just as good and they just get better and better, cant wait to see what they have in store for us at Alt-Fest.”

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Alien Sex Fiend – Dead And Buried

“ASF are one of the few bands that haven’t diversified, but in a great way, proudly Gothic their shows have an untimely energy and take me back to my Batcave days.”

Bauhaus – She’s In Parties

“Bauhaus ooze Goth and Peter Murphy’s recent Bauhaus ‘set’ tour was frankly amazing and if one closed your eyes it was straight back to Bauhaus in the 80s, Peter Murphy is also playing a 50 per-cent Bauhaus set for us so we simply cannot wait! The new Peter Murphy album produced by Killing Jokes Youth is long awaited and looking forward to hearing new tracks as well.”

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The Damned – Eloise

“A diverse career including a massive punk following but one cannot forget the amazing Goth period with the seminal albums Phantasmagoria and The Black album. With The Damned playing an exclusive Goth heavy set at Alt-Fest, I’ll be right at the front!”

Joy Division – She’s Lost Control

“More Post Punk than Goth but embraced worldwide as one of the most influential bands to The Goth movement. With Peter Hook And The Light doing a fan requested playing any Joy Division track for us at Alt-Fest cant wait for this live either.”

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Fields Of The Nephilim – Moonchild (Unsealed)

“As I was growing up the Neph and The Sisters were like the Beatles Vs The Stones, everyone had their favorite and mine was The Neph. With Stetsons and white flour in hand 30 years on The Neph are still as powerful and great live as they ever were.”

The Cult – Spiritwalker

“When I first saw The Cult on The Tube in 1986 I was hooked, Duffy’s guitar is one of my all time favs and nearly 30 years later it’s still a Goth dancefloor classic.”

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Gary Numan – Cars

“Not at all Goth, but from the early New Romantic movement Numan was widely embraced by Goths and alternative types. What Gary has attained in recent years is a massive co genre unification appealing to Goths, Metallers, Industrialists and breaking back into the main stream. Tubeway Army Our Friends Electric, Fear Factory and Cars I need say no more, best played loud, sing along, it’s guaranteed that EVERYONE at Alt-Fest will be!”

Paradise Lost – Say Just Words

“More Goth Rock and dark metal, Paradise Lost’s One Second album in my opinion is a Gothic Rock masterpiece with a massive crossover appeal, cant wait to hear new tracks form their eagerly anticipated 14th studio album.”

The March Violets – Snake Dance

“Great friends and great favorites of mine one can never have enough purple in your life!”

For more, including the full line-up and latest ticket news, head to www.alt-fest.com.


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