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Playlist - Bullet For My Valentine's "Anti Valentine's Day" songs

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Happy Valentine’s Day… or not as the case may be. Despite paying tribute to the Saint of love all year round it appears Bullet For My Valentine aren’t fans of the annual celebration of love (go figure)… So much so frontman Matt Tuck has compiled us this playlist of songs to say “I don’t love you”.

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Bowling For Soup – The Bitch Song

“I like this song because it describes a relationship where someone’s driving their partner up the wall, but at the same time they can’t be without them. Except whereas most love songs are wrapped up in clever metaphors, Jaret Reddick comes out with it in the bluntest way possible! A great tune but you definitely shouldn’t serenade your girl with it…”

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart

“The lyrics speak for themselves really. Ian Curtis was a genius songwriter and somehow this song manages to be poppy but really sad at the same time. Love Will Tear Us Apart is essentially a description of the tribulations of a relationship, and how it can actually cause more harm than good.”

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Green Day – Stray Heart

“This is a fairly new song of theirs and it is basically about a womaniser who has seen the error of his ways. The video is pretty literal in that it shows a guy with a hole in his chest chasing his heart around after he finds it in bed with a woman. The original girl rejects him in the end! It’s pretty much a critique on guys mucking girls around and having it come back round and bite them in the ass.”

Soft Cell – Tainted Love

“This is a pretty classic song that I expect most music fans have heard. It’s about how a someone is completely draining the singer and he wants no more of it – lyrics like Don’t touch me please, The pain you drive into the heart of me and Take my tears are definitely not what you want to hear on Valentine’s Day and therefore it’s going straight to my Anti Valentine’s playlist!”

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Gallows – Abandon Ship

“This is a pretty fierce song about heartbreak. It’s straight-up gritty UK punk about how a relationship is falling apart and the lyrics are awesome, using the metaphor of a sinking ship to describe how they are completely falling apart. It makes for a great breakup song, as it ends with the singer shouting I never loved you anyway over and over again!”

Taylor Swift – Any song!

“All of Taylor Swift’s songs could make this list because as far as I can tell, all her songs are about breakups! I guess that We Are Never Getting Back Together song is probably the best bit as it’s the very last thing you’re going to want to hear on February 14th.”

For more head to Bulletformyvalentine.com, meanwhile he’s one of the band’s own heart breakers, Your Betrayal.


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