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Playlist - "Men who wear more makeup up than us girls" by Gabby Young

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Having released her second album The Band Called Out For More earlier this year, Gabby Young thought she was standing out visually with her unique style and liberal use of blusher… then she saw this lot of gents. “I wanted to make a playlist about artists who always stand out from the crowd but realised most of my favourites where actually male,” she explains. “The great thing about all these men is they helped people be themselves, they stood up for originality and flew the freak flag with pride! Most importantly they all made/ make great music that will never be forgotten.” Here are her selections…

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David Bowie – Life On Mars

“One of my favourite artists and no list about make-up would be complete without him. When I first started getting into dressing up for gigs and working with amazing hair and makeup artists it was Bowie I was thinking of – I love that his look and costumes become part of the show and that all his fans go to his shows all dressed up too – it like a brilliant alien race!”

Patrick Wolf – Magic Position

“I love this man for his creativity and originality. I have seen many youtube videos of him live and his interaction with the audience and connection he has with them is so inspiring. This song was the first I heard of his and intrigued me to hear lots more – he’s an incredible songwriter.”

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Culture Club – Karma Chameleon

“I once got told I was like Boy George!! I don’t know how to take that but he is so iconic and this song is a classic.”

The Irrepressibles – In Your Eyes

“We played with this remarkable band last year and we were wowed by their performance and how much thought they put into the whole thing including their appearance.”

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Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People

“Marilyn always looks amazing and I love his, I don’t care what you think, controversial attitude. When I was 18 I loved this CD – I like that it shocked people. I grew out of that but still see him as a very talented artist.”

Antony And The Johnsons – Thank You For Your Love

“My mum made me buy his first CD as she’s much cooler than I and said his voice made her weep. I know what she means. He does a great solo version of this song on Later With Jools Holland and it sent shivers down my spine.”

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Adam And The Ants – Scorpios

“Stephen, my boyfriend, guitarist, producer, etc, etc, introduced me to this manic song and I love to sing along to it. Adam was the king of tribal makeup and started the whole new romantic era that I think was a good time for beautiful men doing interesting things.”

T-Rex – Children Of The Revolution

“This song makes me think of the exciting time when revolution was brewing. It’s anthemic! Marc Bolan was just beautiful and has one of my favourite voices of all time. I loved his glam rock style.”

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Rufus Wainwright – Oh What A World

“OK so he’s not always in make-up but he does look great in it and always puts on a show. When I first heard this song and it’s genius reference to Ravel’s Bolero I started a life long love affair with Rufus.”

The Cure – The Lovecats

“I love The Cure but it had to be this song as my band covered it for years and you can’t help but dance to this song!”

For more, including ticket details of Young’s show at London’s Bush Hall on 15 November, head to Gabbyyoungandotheranimals.com. plus here’s one of hers…


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