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Playlist - A guide to Oxford's Audioscope Festival by the organisers

Playlist - A guide to Oxford's Audioscope Festival by the organisers
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This year’s Audioscope Festival returns to Oxford’s Jericho Tavern on 8 November, to showcase a host of independent music and raise money for charity on a single night. “Audioscope have been putting on festivals in Oxford for 14 years now with two aims: first, to raise money to fight homelessness with Shelter, and second to put on some of the most out-there, innovative and downright brilliant music in the world in a city full of music fans,” the organisers explain. “Over the years we’ve put on Wire, Four Tet and krautrock legends like Damo Suzuki and Michael Rother, but for our latest edition we’ve managed to span almost fifty years of electronic and alternative music. To mark the occasion, here’s a playlist of bands you’ll be able to hear on 8 November in Oxford…” much appreciated.

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Silver Apples – Oscillations

“What can you say about Silver Apples? The Velvet Underground of electronica: everyone who ever heard them went on to form some knob-twiddling synth outfit. That this track still sounds fresh and exciting – and like no one else – almost fifty years later is such a testament to their genius.”

Public Service Broadcasting – Spitfire (pictured)

“A direct link from Silver Apples’ 60s explorations to the music of the future! PSB’s crackling Pathé samples and jaunty-but-in-a-good-way riffs blew me away at Green Man last year, so we were on a mission to book them for Audioscope this year, and they were really happy to come along and help us raise a few quid for Shelter.”

Matt Elliott – The Mess We Made

“Matt Elliott’s gone through more genres than we’ve had hot dinners, and mastered the lot. Case in point here, starting off last-orders contemplative and brooding, and bursting into drum ‘n’ bass breaks four minutes later.”

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Wrangler – Theme From Wrangler

“Cabaret Voltaire updated for the 21st century by Stephen Mallinder, plus companions from Tunng & Benge – this sounds like the sort of thing that should be playing over the opening credits of the putative Blade Runner sequel. It’s sinister and filthy, but stuffed with some of the loveliest warm analogue synth sounds from the past 30 years too.”

The Doomed Bird of Providence – On A Moonlit, Ragged Sea

“We love these guys! The dark underbelly of Australian history, via the cellars of old London town: grim tales of murder and horror on the high seas, as told by a seven-piece chorus of doomed souls. This is the music that practically oozes alcohol, decay and atmosphere, like the very darkest moments of Nick Cave.”

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Circle Traps – Machine City

“Circle Traps should really be playing at 3am in some uber-cool Berlin night spot, but we don’t have a late licence and we’re in Oxford, so we’ll take them any time. Crystal-clear, precise electronica, but the fact that two members of Portico Quartet are on board is clear – the songs switch direction at will and there’s a beautiful groove to it all too.”

The Telescopes – Flying

“The Telescopes played for us ten years ago, and ended up drilling through one of their guitars live on stage. These days, they’re a jaw-droppingly chaotic live band, but this track is a reminder of their loveliest dream-pop days on Creation.”

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The Neon Violets – Break The Line

“Oxford’s answer to Spacemen 3 via early Black Sabbath, The Neon Violets are a completely immersive experience live, drenching everything in their path with sheets of reverb and undulating riffs that make us think of prime Wooden Shjips.”

The Third Eye Foundation – What Is It With You

“One from Matt Elliott’s previous incarnation that I absolutely love – a chorus of pitched-up voices and synth pads fighting for attention over a building framework of proto-Squarepusher drum patterns. It’s quite beautiful, but completely mental at the same time.”

For more information, including the full line-upand the latest tickets news, head to Audioscope.co.uk.


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