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Playlist - Sheffield's delectable Detestival Festival by the boss

Playlist - Sheffield's delectable Detestival Festival by the boss
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Taking place for three nights over Easter weekend (18-20 April), Sheffield’s Detestival returns to the Queens Social Club next week. “We’re really excited to be doing Detestival again this year,” explains organiser Robert Graham, a member of Wet Nuns. “After last year’s success we’re ready to bring some incredible live bands to Sheffield and blow people’s minds all over again.” To prove his point, here’s his pick of this year’s line-up

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Sleepy Sun – The Lane

“Watching Sleepy Sun is like watching one of those live behemoth bands from the 70s. Their frontman seems pretty adept at channelling the part of Robert Plant’s spirit that died somewhere pre-1980. A proper real actual live band. Their latest album is an epic psychedelic blast, cannot wait to see them do it justice live.”

Turbowolf – A Rose For The Crows

“Turbowolf have many achievements under their belt; they are one of the most entertaining live bands in the country, they’re the only band I’ve ever seen do justice to a Lightning Bolt cover and they have awesome taste in shirts. Fronted by the spawn of Frank Zappa and John Garcia and built on a foundation of the most SOLID of RIFFS. Do not fuck with these RIFFS.”

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That Fucking Tank – NWONWOBHM

“Probably my personal favourite of the ‘instrumental band’ breed. They’ve been around for ages and done some crazy amount of touring. Tank live is one of those acts that makes other musicians take a long hard look at themselves and realise they need to up their fucking game.”

Menace Beach – Fortune Teller

“Amazing track from the stunning Lowtalker EP. Menace Beach are the brainchild of Ryan and Liza (and not just a Hookworms offshoot) and they deserve some credit, beautiful fuzzed out blissful pop hooks buried under a handful of dirgey noise. Magnificent.”

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Slaves – White Knuckle Ride

“Slaves are back in the UK after slaying South By Southwest and touring europe with Blood Red Shoes. These boys are gunna be huge. Charming and witty one minute, utterly terrifying the next. You can shove your Fat White Family up your arse, these are my tip for the ‘dangerous but incredible’ slot in contemporary rock.”

Pins – Get With Me

“This is some swaggering, sultry, hook laden, dark pop from Manchester. And yes they are girls. And no, it doesn’t really matter. They’ll still kick your arse.”

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God Damn – Dangle Like Skeletons

“This song seems to serve as God Damn’s triumphant visceral closer to what is usually a totally triumphant set. I defy anyone not to be moved by this song live. Truly intense anthemic modern rock music.”

Vladimir – Smoke Eyes

“These are probably the heaviest band I’ve ever seen live that you couldn’t possibly use the word metal to describe. There are inevitable comparisons to Joy Division and other dark 80s post punk but it’s so much more than that. True youth and disaffection from Dundee. I love this band and want to scream it from the top of a mountain.”

Lola Colt – Jackson (pictured)

“Imagine Fleetwood Mac were actually The Bad Seeds and were fronted by Patti Smith. Sounds like a ridiculous preposition but just listen to this you idiot! Bringing some pretty desert cool blues vibes to the Friday night this should give everyone an excuse to pop their ray bans on inside and get a bit groovy.”

Mike Hughes – The Road

Sheffield’s best contemporary songwriter. In the league of legends. Simply excellent, quality music.”

For more, including the full line-up and ticket news, head to Facebook.com/Detestival.


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