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Playlist - Temples' "space rock exploration" inc The Byrds, Hawkwind & Amon Duul II

Playlist - Temples' "space rock exploration" inc The Byrds, Hawkwind & Amon Duul II
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Hotly tipped Kettering newcomers Temples are currently recording their debut album of popped-tinged psychedelic, though as a pointer of where they’re going they release new single Keep In The Dark (7 October) this week on seven-inch. The band’s bassist Thomas Edison Warmsley (left) has put us together space rock exploration Playlist. “The further music can take you away from reality the better,” he notes, “which is probably why space rock in all it’s intergalactic splendor provides a quick and easy method of transport.”

Universe – Rock In The Sky

“BLAST OFF: Wooooooosh and we’re off. This song sounds like it time travelled from 1967, forward a decade and then back again. The fidelity is frightening, the drums and bass are defening and Universe clearly don’t care what decade it is. The wonderful thing about space rock is that it’s timeless, and this track is on a completely different axis. Christian rock at is most evolutional.”

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The Byrds – Natural Harmony

“MERCURY: The planet closest to the Sun, The Byrds should be kept near by at all times. Also Mercury as the God of commerical success, it’s even more satisfying when pop groups take too many drugs and write something that sounds like a pop song but isn’t a pop song. The Byrds are experts in this field. Notorious Byrd Brothers is undoubtably out-there.

Sensations Fix – Space Energy Age

“JUPITER: The giant of all planets is the perfect location to hear Italian prog giant Sensations Fix. This album is vast with space exploration, audio landscaping and all those fizzy buzzes which are such a delight to experience. Franco Falsini is their mastermind. I don’t know where my head is going!”

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Ramases – Mind Island

“MILKY WAY: The most magic of all space rock comes from the mighty Ramases AKA Barrington Frost, who was clearly in the wrong job. Central heating salesman turned space cadet, Ramases is one of the mystereous wonders of this universe. Glass Top Coffin and Space Hymns LPs are outstanding works of visual art and his music is so enthralling it’ll make you want to start an Eleusinian cult fantasty of your own.”

Amon Duul II – Fly United

“VENUS: God of Love and all things attractive, Venus hits vibrations that allign with the roots of the former commune love-in Amon Duul II. While it departs from the outstanding cosmic improv Amon Duul II are famous for, they create something really special on this album – pop music. It’s stil really weird though.”

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The Dream – The Doting King

“EARTH: Back on solid ground to hear The Dream, who are nothing short of psychedelic brilliance. A skill that the Dutch really seem to excel at. While not caked in the sound tricks of outerspace, the vocal take is about as otherworldly as you can get on planet earth.”

Hawkwind – Opa-Loka

“PLUTO: It takes 9.5 years to travel from Earth to Pluto. Hawkwind make the trip in around 5 minutes.”

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Bruce Haack – National Anthem To The Moon

“THE MOON: The one next to Earth lives Bruce Haack, Godfather of space rock and The Electric Lucifer is his head space in all its cosmic excellence. Anti War, Moog, Vocoder messed up artwork. If the Moon had an anthem then this is surely it.”

Todd Rundgren – Born To Synthesize (midnight special)

“SOMEWHERE IN SPACE ?!?: While everyone else knocks around the realms of mere sonic space, Todd Rundgren actually is in space – synthesizing – levitating in the lotus position with a checkered kimono. A wizard, a true astronaught. This makes Upotia look like hard work.”

Johnny Harris – Footprints On The Moon

“TITAN: All though originally composed to soundtrack the moon landings on ITV, there is something far more enticing about Footprints On The Moon than any spaced out guitar or Moog tinkering could manage. It belongs on the dark side of Saturn. Those strings are terrifying. Listen while staring at the night sky for full effect.”

For more head to Templestheband.com, plus here’s the band’s latest single.


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