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Playlist - Tim Burgess' favourite "freaky remixes" inc Madonna, Caberet Voltaire, Factory Floor & more

Playlist - Tim Burgess' favourite "freaky remixes" inc Madonna, Caberet Voltaire, Factory Floor & more
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Not content with releasing solo album Oh No I Love You last year, this week (27 May) Tim Burgess released a remix version of the record, Oh No I Love You More (see The Doors Of The from the record below). Having had the likes of The Horrors, Django Django, Lampchop‘s Kurt Wagner and even Italian actress/director Asia Argento tinker with his tracks, The Charlatan has created us this Youtube Playlist of his all-time favourite “freaky remixes”.

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Method Man – Release Yo Delf (Prodigy remix)

“I first heard this on a tourbus heading for Nottingham with Death In Vegas, Monkey Mafia and Daft Punk aboard. We were all part of the Heavenly Social thing that was going on and it made for quite an atmosphere. After hearing it I became a Wu Tang Clan obsessive. I was already a fan of The Prodigy but it made me appreciate Liam’s remix skills for the first time.”

Gravediggaz – Bang Your Head (Substantial mix)

“Prince Paul and RZA were both major forces to be reckoned with on their own. Put them together and minds were blown. This was the first record in my DJ set at the time. It definitely set your dancefloor stall out. File under intense.”

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Factory Floor – Real Love (Optimo remix)

“The job of the remixer is to take an already brilliant song and make it feel at home in a club to a crowd who might not know it. l loved the original and was unsure if it could be improved upon.”

Chris And Cosey – October Love Song (dance mix)

“Chris Carter has been a pioneer electronic dance music since before there was any such thing. Nobody better to remix one of his songs than himself then to give them their biggest hit.”

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Caberet Voltaire – Yashir (John Robie remix)

“Like a deconstruction and reconstruction of their album track from eight different songs. Robie was from New York, CV were from Sheffield. Together it’s like being dropped into the Atlantic from a height and trying to stay afloat.”

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NB Vertigo is currently unavailable)

Section 25 – Looking From A Hilltop (Mega mix)

“Factory had a dancefloor to fill and had a lot of disparate acts with time between releases. A Certain Ratio’s Donald Johnson and New Order’s Bernard Sumner were let loose on this one.”

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Madonna – Express Yourself (Non Stop Express mix)

“As mainstream as Madonna may have been to the kids who bought the records that charted, she would still get played alongside what was coming out of Chicago and Detroit when house first took ahold.”

Orange Lemon – Dreams Of Santa Anna (extended club mix)

“One of those where people might not know it by name but anyone of a certain age will hear it and say, Ohhh, that one!. A mainstay of The Hacienda and definitely defined the scene that was starting in a corner of Manchester.”

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The Charlatans – Patrol (Dust Brothers remix)

“The second ever remix from the pair who eventually became The Chemical Brothers. There had been some kind of ‘never the twain…’ when it came to indie and dance. I think some people who heard this were unaware that it was us and it always made it me smile watching people go nuts to it.”

PVT – Vertigo (Hype Williams SnapBack remix)

“Some great remixers tend to struggle making their own records. Not Hype Williams. If it’s somebody else’s song though, Dean and Inga always know the way to make it even better.”

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Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley mix)

“The ultimate remix, if that doesn’t sound like some best avoided compilation cassette from 1992. This is the remix by which every other will be judged. It’s 15 minutes in which you can catch your breath and guarantee a full dancefloor as long as you’re DJing anywhere with some semblance of taste.”

Dinosaur L – Go Bang # 5 (Francois K mix)

“Arthur Russell’s pseudonym disco project. For a classically trained cellist he sure knew his way around a disco banger. Francois Kervorkian had cut his teeth at Studio 54 and The Paradise Garage so it was a match made in heaven.”

For more head to Timburgessmusic.com.


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