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Listen to Robert Pollard's album Faulty Superheroes & read his guide to the record

Listen to Robert Pollard's album Faulty Superheroes & read his guide to the record
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Guided By Voices kingpin Robert Pollard releases Faulty Superheroes, his 21st solo album, on 25 May. Not only can you listen to the album in full below now ahead of its release, Pollard has written us a brief guide to the record.

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What A Man

Wasn’t written about my father who completed his life cycle shortly after I wrote it, but the title was the opening line spoken by the pastor at his eulogy. He actually said “what a man”.

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Cafe Of Elimination

It’s where the hipsters hang and verbally spar to prove intellectual superiority. Don’t go in there.

Faulty Superheroes

We have our heroes from every arena in this video game. The criminally insane are winning.

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Faster The Great

He’s the best of all. The most daring. The most dangerous. The most ambitious. And everywhere he goes he does it fast by automobile. He has to be home for dinner.

The Real Wilderness

The desolate landscape of the universal mind where anything goes. This was written for Roy Orbison to sing. Or Robin Zander.

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Photo-Enforced Human Highway

This is where the faulty superheroes are failing. There isn’t much they can do. But it’s all being monitored, and punishment is administered accordingly.

Take Me to Yolita

Of course it was originally “Take Me to Your Leader”. Yolita is the untouchable phantasmagoria to some. A succubus to others. All in an inescapable dream of being lost. A mirage.

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Up Up And Up

The opportunity is there if you have the ambition, the right connection or the money. It’s a favourite topic at the Cafe Of Elimination.

You Only Need One

Hero that is! Or god. But you have to exercise great patience before making your choice. Be careful.

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Bizarro’s Last Quest

This one is actually making a move. All the way to Mozart’s throne somewhere in the celestial spheres. He’s following the sights and sounds in search of the perfect note that Pete Townshend couldn’t find. He’s almost there.

Mozart’s Throne

He’s there. He’s complete. Repaired. We hear the power chords of morning. Now everyone can follow.

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Parakeet Vista

It’s just a dream and you needn’t believe everything they tell you.

Robert Pollard

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