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Festival Playlist – A guide to Porto's NOS Primavera Sound 2016 by the booker

Festival Playlist – A guide to Porto's NOS Primavera Sound 2016 by the booker
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Taking place in Portugal’s beautiful and relaxed second city, Porto, NOS Primavera Sound – sister event to Barcelona original – takes place this year 9-11 June. To lead you through the 2016 bill booker Abel Gonzalez has made Q a musical guide.

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PJ Harvey – The Wheel

“Not only an on-your-face straight marvelous new tune but also touched by the European atemporal vibe that made “Let England Shake” such a unique one-of-a-kind rock record. Simple and complex at once. In-your-face, marvellous new tune by the ever affluent PJ Harvey. The latest track carries on the timeless vibe of her previous album Let England Shake which made it such a unique, one of a kind rock record. It is simple and yet complex on so many levels.”

Brian Wilson – Wouldn’t It Be Nice

“Let’s just pick up the first song we’ll witness firsthand live for the last time. Pop’s trascendence and perfection starts with an arpeggium that changed the rules forever. Only God may know how eternal Brian’s influence will be. The four Beatles would agree on this one. This tune perfectly builds up with an arpeggio, changing the rules of pop forever. Brian’s influence is eternally lasting – even the four Beatles would have to agree on this one.”

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Drive Like Jehu – Here Come The Rome Plows

“I instantly loved Pitchfork’s Eucalyptus when it came out back in the days. Forberg and Reis went even deeper with DLJ. Give Yank Crime to an unaware Fugazi fan and you’ll have a new friend forever.”

Royal Headache – Surprise

“We didn’t see this band coming. Hardcore soul pills for no-bullshit perfect instant tune seekers. Australia delivers.”

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Algiers – Blood

“Probably the best influenced band I heard last year. They put so much so different and so organically in the mix that the main message of their songs come to you as only true words do. Perhaps one of the best experimental bands I heard in the past year. Their efforts in creating organic sounds perfectly deliver the message of their songs.”

Empress Of – Water Water

“We had her playing at our Primavera Club winter event and she’s incredible live as well. I do not doubt we’ll be hearing from her for years to come. Refreshing and yet so natural. She should earn fans one by one, day after day. We previously had Empress Off playing at our Primavera Club winter event, and we can truly testament to her incredible live performance. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing of her for years to come. Her refreshing and natural talent is set to garner fans, one by one, day after day.”

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Freddie Gibs – Pronto

Probably one of the most underrated hip-hop artists today. The Indiana rapper has a hell of a flow and one of the most consistent body of works of the recent years. A new classic for me.

Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex – Out Of Reach

“A personal unguilty pleasure. Loved Pussy Galore, loved Twin Infinitives and Accelerator, and love him with the Howling Hex. Man, if everybody approached rock an droll the way Neil does, punk would not have been even necessary, really. A personal (not-so) guily pleasure of mine. Neil Michael Hagerty continutes to deliver. I believe that if everybody approached rock n roll the way Neil does, there would be nothing for Punk to rebel against.”

For more, including the full line-up and ticket news, head to Nosprimaverasound.com


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