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Jake Bugg introduces new single Gimme The Love – exclusive video

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Jake Bugg is set to return with a new album On My One (out 17 June) which he is heralding with new single Gimme The Love. Recorded in London, Los Angeles and Nottingham, the record’s first single, Gimme The Love, sees the singer-songwriter experimenting a more beat-driven sound (watch the video for the track below). Here is Bugg’s exclusive introduction to the song, video and album.

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That song came together in the middle of last year. I was back in Nottingham in the studio where it all started really, the place where I did my first demos when I was 17. I decided to go back to see if anything would come of it and this came out. I started with the beat for this song, which I’d never really done before when writing song. It was a completely different way of writing for me, if I’d tried doing it on a guitar first it wouldn’t have come out like that. I did all this record on my own pretty much, so with this I started the beat – I’m not much of a drummer – so had it on a loop and wrote over the top of it. No record should ever be the same as the last so I decided to try something different.

In terms of the album, this is the only song like it on the record. There’s another one which has a dancy element to it but that was done with a different producer, Jacknife Lee, so this a one of its kind. But as no album should be the same and no song should be the same too. Is this the banger? We’ll see what people have to say about that…

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I’ve not really been a fan of any of the videos I’ve done before, they feel a bit cheesy and dated now, save for a couple which I’d done with Michael Holyk who is the director I did this one. He’s from Nottingham too. We came up with the treatment together which was cool because I was so sick of turning up to video shoots with no idea with what I was doing and having people write ridiculous scripts. I feel videos can put an interpretation in people’s minds of what the song is about, so with that in mind I wanted a video that left the lyrics open to interpretation.

It’s starting to get busy again for me now, I’m working my way back up the line-ups. We’re doing a few shows in States so that will be a good opportunity to get our chops. There’s a new keyboard player because there’s some synth and strings on things. It’s funny, we’ve been rehearsing this week and I’m surprised by how little I have to do now on the new songs.

Jake Bugg@JakeBugg (as told to Paul Stokes)

For more, including details of Bugg’s shows which will see him play a London gig for each point of the compass 7-11 March, head to Jakebugg.com.


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