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Max Richter wants you to fall asleep to this video! Premiere

Max Richter wants you to fall asleep to this video! Premiere
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Composer Max Richter wants you to close your eyes and fall asleep to his latest album, that why he called it Sleep. Honestly it’s no insult if you nod off during the middle of it… that’s the point. Eight Hours long, the work was created by the British musician to encourage listeners to dream, before waking up again, still listening to his music (though there’s also a one hour version entitled From Sleep you can listen to while awake if you prefer). So are you feeling sleepy? Good, Q has the premiere of the a new video from the record, Dream 3, which Richter himself has written us an introduction for…

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Max Richter: “This film, made by my wife Yulia, feels like a stream of consciousness riff on the ideas in the music. It’s a night time journey through our hometown, Berlin, as well as New York where I recorded some of the material. I’ve always been fascinated by that magical space when most of the world is sleeping, and for many years that is when I did all my work. Yulia and I have often talked about this, and one of her earlier films (for my piece Fragment) is another exploration of this space, shot in beautiful time-lapse on Super 8mm. So you could say this film is the the next instalment of an ongoing conversation over our kitchen table. Isn’t that where the most interesting things happen anyway?”

Watch/ slumber now!

For more, and sweet dreams, head to Maxrichtermusic.com.


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