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After the Fooling: Looking Back at a Few of Yesterday's April Fool's Day Pranks in the Music World

Everyone from Robert Fripp to Eminem had a bit of fun with their followers on April 1.

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Source: Robert Fripp / MEGA

Robert Fripp and Enimem were among the musicians who had a bit of fun with their followers on April Fool's Day.

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April 1st can often be a dangerous day for journalists, particularly those in possession of a trusting nature, as it can leave them with egg on their face after posting details about a story that may seem on the surface to be true (particularly if you're just prone to taking artists at their word), only for it to turn out to be an April Fool's Day prank.

That said, many of these pranks are a lot funnier on April 2, when the various pranks are definitively confirmed to be such, at which point a best-of list can be pulled together, which is - as you've perhaps guessed at this point - exactly what we've done.

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Source: MEGA

Megadeth - who pulled a prank on their fans this April Fool's Day - performs in Paris in 2018.

Robert Fripp joins OnlyFans

The legendary guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who brought us King Crimson has a history of causing amusement for his social media followers, thanks to the various music performances he's done with his wife, Toyah, over the past several years. This time, however, he went solo and quite literally let it all hang out...or, rather, he would have, if only his guitar had moved a wee bit in either direction. "Robert has officially joined OnlyFans!" his social media followers were assured. "Subscribe now for exclusive, jaw-dropping content you never knew you needed..." Indeed, the video could easily qualify for inclusion as the dictionary definition of "jaw-dropping," but as the text explained, "Many online posters and commentators have referred to Fripp's cruel unavailability to fans. This has now been addressed..."

And how.

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Once upon a long ago, before Eminem had officially ascended to the level of superstardom that he now enjoys, the man born Marshall Bruce Mathers III released a debut album entitled Infinite. It did not chart. Indeed, if Wikipedia is to be believed, it only sold a thousand copies, which pretty much checks out, since he only sold them out of the trunk of his car. So you can imagine the number of eyebrows that were momentarily raised at the supposed news that Eminem was finally releasing a new album...and that it would be a sequel to that first forgotten effort.

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Michael Sweet, frontman for the well-known and long-running Christian metal band, took to social media yesterday and perhaps turned a few (shorn) heads with his announcement that the members of the band "have decided to shave our heads, move to Tibet and go into hiding as monks for the rest of our days here on earth." The devil you say!

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Okay, so it wasn't terribly credible as pranks go, and it didn't help that band couldn't even bring themselves to post it without actively adding the words, "Just kidding!" But here's hoping they change their mind and do indeed start offering official Megadeth wigs on their website. Just imagine the entire Q staff sporting Dave Mustaine's luxurious locks...

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One of Chicago's greatest exports poked a bit of fun at the idea of expanded reissues by assuring fans that they'd soon have the opportunity to pick up a new "30-LP Super Duper Deluxe Reissue" of the band's 5th studio album in a 3.5-foot-tall egg-shaped box. (Don't think their fans aren't devoted enough to buy it.)

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Give the guys from Nickelback credit: they upped the ante on the credibility of their prank by putting it in the context of a story from CNN.com. Fake story though it may have been, it's a pretty funny one.

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