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AXS TV's Upcoming 'Cash Cab Music' Puts a Music-Centric Spin on the Long-Running Quiz Show

Host Adam Growe poses questions about rock, pop, country, R&B, and...well, if there's anything else, you'll have to tune in to find out

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Source: Andrija Dimitrijevic - Cab Music 1 Inc./ Castlewood Productions Inc

Adam Growe anxiously awaits his next fare for 'Cash Cab Music'

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It’s been a minute since TV viewers have had the opportunity to kick back and veg out to new episodes of the long-running quiz show Cash Cab, but now the series is returning to AXS TV, and this time around the episodes will have a very specific bent to the questions.

Adam Growe (Cash Cab Canada) will serve as host of Cash Cab Music, a spinoff of the original series that’s devoted solely to music-related questions. Otherwise, of course, the premise will stay the same, which is that unsuspecting passengers will hop into a cab, only to be scared within an inch of their life by the ceiling of the vehicle exploding in flashing lights, after which they answer questions and win cash for the trouble. And, yes, if they’re stumped, they’ll still have the opportunity to secure assistance via one of several means, including social media, phone, or shouting at someone on the street.

Oh, and here’s a Cash Cab Music twist: once the passengers reach their destination, they’ll have a chance to go double-or-nothing with their winnings by playing “Cash Cab Karaoke,” where they have to collectively answer a song-related question by singing the song together.

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Source: Facebook / AXS TV

Adam Growe, host of 'Cash Cab Canada,' is back as host of the show's new incarnation, 'Cash Cab Music'

Having had the opportunity to watch the first episode of the series, Q would like to forewarn any future viewers that you may well find yourself wanting to scream at the television even more than you already scream at the contestants on Jeopardy! who fail to answer music questions. In particular, the second of the three groups of contestants in the first episode may well make you weep for the future of the planet, so don't say you weren't warned.

The official press release for the program reads as follows:

Cruise into the new year with this fresh twist on the beloved road-bound game show format, as AXS TV presents the all-new original game show Cash Cab Music—airing back-to-back episodes every Monday at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT, beginning Monday, January 8. Specifically created for AXS TV, Cash Cab music is hosted by comedian—and licensed cab driver—Adam Growe, who takes unwitting passengers on the trip of a lifetime as he asks them challenging music-themed trivia questions for big money.

Got it? Great! Now take a look at the trailer and prepare yourself accordingly for the impending premiere of Cash Cab Music.


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