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Definitely? Maybe? Only Liam Gallagher Knows for Sure if He and John Squire Will Be Playing Glastonbury

Now Liam is arguing semantics: 'They said, "Will we see you there?" I said, "Yeah." And they might. I might be selling CBD Toblerones.'

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Some 'might' say that Liam Gallagher is playing Glastonbury.

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Over the past day or so, Liam Gallagher has proven to be a master at sowing massive confusion by typing a single word: “Yeah.”

This was Gallagher’s seemingly simple and to-the-point response to a Twitter user who asked, “Will we see you and [John] Squire at Glastonbury this summer, LG?”

Inevitably, excitement ensued across the internet, with the news trickling from one news site to the next. Take, for instance, the headline at Daily Mail Online, which screamed, “Liam Gallagher CONFIRMS he will perform at Glastonbury 2024 with former Stone Roses guitarist John Squire.”

But that excitement slowly began to downshift into uncertainty. Will he really be playing the famed festival? Or was Liam just having a laugh?

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Source: MEGA

If Liam Gallagher doesn't play Glastonbury, don't look back in anger, roll with it.

A few hours later, The Independent declared in their headline, “Liam Gallagher ‘not’ playing Glastonbury despite teasing fans,” offering assurances from “a source close to Gallagher” that he’s a “wind-up” and is “NOT playing Glastonbury...or the Brits for that matter.”

For his part, Liam has taken to Twitter again to expound further on the situation, saying, “I never said I was playing GLASTONBURY every body COOL OUT.” When one of his followers took him to task and said, “Yes you did the other day,” he cheerily wrote back, “They said will we see you there I said YEAH and they might I might be selling CBD toblerones.”

Then, just to make sure the rumor mill was spinning even faster, he had this exchange:

Tom Lowe: You keep teasing an oasis reunion tho and that’s not happening….

Liam Gallagher: And how do you know it’s not mystic know it all

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Rumors of an Oasis reunion have been rumbling ever since... Well, let's face it: they started almost immediately after Oasis broke up, and they're not likely to stop until a reunion actually takes place. It must be said that Michael Eavis has been vocal about wanting them to reunite for Glastonbury, and in an interview with The Mirror, he said, "I do talk to Noel and Liam a lot. Wouldn't it be marvelous for them to relaunch at Glastonbury now Liam has split from Beady Eye?"

Why, yes. Yes, it would. But even though the band's debut album, Definitely Maybe, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the prospect of an Oasis reunion seems more than a little unlikely.

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No matter what may happen with Glastonbury, one thing’s for certain: Liam Gallagher and John Squire are still releasing their self-titled debut album on March 1, a 10-track endeavor that includes the already-released singles “Just Another Rainbow” and “Mars to Liverpool.”

“I think we were both surprised at how complementary my guitar tone is with his voice and how the songs I’ve written worked for him,” Squire told The Guardian in January. Back in October, Gallagher informed a Twitter follower, “It’s the best record since Revolver,” and when someone else reckoned that he was making quite a “big statement,” he replied, “What’s coming your way is bigger. I’m being humble. It pisses all over it.”

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