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Drake and Morgan Wallen Bond Over Beverages, Get Blown Up in Video for Drake's New Single, 'You Broke My Heart'

Speculations are running wild as to whether their onscreen collaboration could potentially turn into a musical one as well.

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In an apparent effort to close out 2023 with a crossover that - depending your preferred musical stance - falls squarely between one that no one expected and one that no one requested, Drake has teamed up with Morgan Wallen for the video for "You Broke My Heart," the closing track on Drake's latest album, For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition.

No, Morgan doesn't contribute to the video in any musical fashion: he simply co-stars in the video alongside Drake, with the twosome sharing bevvies as the proceedings begin.

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Source: YouTube / Drake

Morgan Wallen pantomimes the act of scoping out new talent while Drake takes one last swig of courage for the road

Between sips of their drinks, it becomes evident that the two gentlemen are indulging in a bit of post-breakup male bonding. Drake has clearly ended a relationship, because Wallen says, "I didn't like her," to which Drake responds, "I know." Wallen continues, "I think she might've been the wrong girl anyway," and Drake merely shrugs, laughs, and replies, "Well, what now?" At this point, both deliver in a sing-song voice the line, "I'm kinda glad she gone!"

From there, they both say, "God bless her," at which point they get up from the table. Drake says, "Let's see what else is out there, that's what we need to do," and they stroll outside, hop in the car, drive away, and before they've gotten more than a hundred feet down the street, the car is promptly blown up by two women - played by Grace Matthews and Taylor Morris - who then proceed to cheerily lip-synch to the song for the remainder of the video.

Long story short, if you're only watching the video to see Morgan Wallen, you can bail after he gets blown up, because he ain't comin' back.

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Although the appearance of Wallen in Drake's video is a bit of a shocker for most, those who read the recent Billboard cover story about Wallen might not have been quite as blindsided, since Wallen was actually compared to Drake.

“Drake can do a hardcore R&B song, a trap rap song or a Caribbean-tinged beat global pop song,” Seth England, partner/CEO of Big Loud, Wallen's label, told Billboard. “I think Morgan is that in our genre. His voice is always going to be country even if he’s singing pop melodies, and the verses are likely to have some country imagery. But when it’s time to sing the big runs and melodies, the guy can do it. Even though he’s got a lot of older fans, he’s certainly got the young kids just wrapped around the sound right now. I don’t think that’s just a short-term thing. I think the guy’s got the ability to do that for decades to come.”

Yes, but does he have the ability to actually collaborate on a song with Drake? That still remains to be seen. For now, all we've got is this video.


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