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Hardbody Scottyy Is Reviving DMV Rap With Resilience in STIXKTEAM Style

The rapper founded the street-style apparel brand STIXKTEAM.

hardbody scottyy
Source: By: Hardbody Scottyy

Hardbody Scottyy

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The heart of Washington, D.C. has always pulsated with hip-hop beats, but new contemporary genres are causing a shift. With fleeting musical trends taking hold in this digital age, the gritty streets of D.C. are screaming for the long-lost charm of DMV rap. This is where Hardbody Scottyy has stepped in to bring back this genre's raw magic. The Street King not only stands out for his unique musical style but also for his unyielding spirit. As the DMV hip-hop scene in Washington is breathing fresh beats, Hardbody Scottyy is embracing the limelight to connect with millions of hearts.

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Formerly known as YG Freak, Hardbody Scottyy is more than just a DMV rapper. He symbolizes the energy of the streets of Washington D.C. that raised him. Starting his journey around 2013-14 in Atlanta, Hardbody Scottyy ventured into the world of rap by recording and shooting his first music video, a freestyle to Pusha T's infamous "Blocka." This became the first milestone in his career and paved the way to more accolades in the music industry.

Gifted with an unapologetic DMV rap style, Hardbody Scottyy has commanded the stage at Howard Theatre in NW D.C. to collaborate with renowned artists like Swipey, Lightshow, and Shy Glizzy.His single "Heart Busser" became a viral sensation, earning him a spot on 93.9 WKYS in DC. The song even garnered appreciation from Def Jam label reps.

Despite his unique style and electrifying music, Hardbody Scottyy had to overcome a series of challenges in his career. The artist realized a need for rebranding in 2017, which eventually led to his transformation from YG Freak to Hardbody Scottyy. This would be a move that changed his career forever. Hardbody Scottyy also grappled for conformity; he struggled to make his sound and image resonate with fans in the DMV who were following other trends.

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In 2017, Hardbody Scottyy welcomed a son, and with fatherhood came with a new set of challenges. Balancing his responsibilities with a scaling rap career required him to set priorities. Just a few years later, in 2021, tragedy struck when a car crash left him with a fractured skull. After being in a coma for seven days, surviving two strokes, and battling Bell’s Palsy on the left side of his face, Hardbody Scottyy’s perspective on life began to change.

With an unwavering determination to reclaim his life, Hardbody Scottyy endured countless therapies and sought out specialists. These struggles and a near-death experience made him more resilient. Rising from his ordeal like a phoenix, Hardbody Scottyy saw his challenges as a divine directive to achieve greatness and not allow setbacks to define him.

This towering motivation is rooted in Hardbody Scottyy's upbringing, the admiration of his son, and the legacy he aspires to build for his family. His grandmother and the rest of his family have been his biggest strength and support in this journey toward generational wealth and lasting impact.

Beyond being a rap artist, Hardbody Scottyy is also a CEO who founded the street-style apparel brand STIXKTEAM. For him, STIXKTEAM is not just a label but a lifestyle. The brand recently launched a fresh collection of T-shirts, unisex sweatshirts, hoodies, and fleece, each reflecting Hardbody Scottyy’s distinct style statement.

Looking ahead, Hardbody Scottyy envisions his future brimming with valuable networking. He wants to release his long-awaited music while expanding his audience base worldwide through musical tours and concerts. Armed with an unyielding spirit and a fearless approach to DMV, Hardbody Scottyy will continue to leave his mark in the rap scene–his music resonating through the streets that raised him.

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Scottyy kickstarted February by releasing the "POLES" music video. In the last month alone, Scottyy has released multiple music videos which have gained mass viewership on YouTube – "Double Back," "Nenita Son," "Urge" – and maintains a high level of creativity and quality in all his projects despite his high output of content. The skill in combining both quality and quantity when it comes to releasing new music is something which most artists cannot compete with. Scottyy is a different breed from other rappers coming out of his state, set apart by his drive to create, and the originality each of his new projects comes with.

Released on Feb. 3, "POLES" has reached over 1,000 views on YouTube, with Scottyy’s personal social media following, and the fanbase of STIXKTEAM’s official Instagram account, flocking to see the video. The traction he’s gaining is evident - Scottyy just become verified on Instagram, without even having to pay Meta’s Instagram subscription. The time has come where Scottyy’s unique style cannot be ignored, and he's getting the respect he deserves. Check out "POLES" by Hardbody Scottyy on YouTube, and stay tuned for future releases.


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