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The Lemon Twigs Kick Off 2024 with a New Single, 'My Golden Years'

The new track is described as a power pop anthem about 'making every minute count and living up to your potential.'

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Source: Captured Tracks

The brothers D'Addario, at your service

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2023 was a tremendous year for the Lemon Twigs, with the Long Island-based band - led by the brotherly duo of Brian and Michael D'Addario - having earned a massive amount of acclaim for their fourth studio album, the appropriately-titled Everything Harmony. Making it clear that they have no intentions of slowing down in 2024, the band is already back in business with a new single, "My Golden Years," which is an unabashed power pop anthem...and, yes, that's literally the phrase that's used in the press release.

If ever there was a band that isn't afraid to embrace the phrase "power pop," it's the Lemon Twigs, and that's a good thing, as they've long since cemented that they're damned good at constructing that sort of music, and this new track is no exception.

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Source: Captured Tracks

The cover art for the Lemon Twigs' new single, 'My Golden Years'

the Beach Boys, the Raspberries, and the Byrds, the D’Addario brothers describe “My Golden Years” as being about “making every minute count and living up to your potential.”

Beyond that, they also add (possibly to secure a few extra spins, not that there's anything wrong with that), “In that sense, I think that people like Mark Ruffalo or people who hike might like the song. Or it could be good while you’re working out.”

As for the video, director Ambar Navarro said in a statement that it's "about looking back at the good old days, and the highs and lows of trying to make it as a band. We wanted to incorporate situations like being broke and getting kicked out while being playful and humorous about it. When you're trying to make it as an artist there's this vulnerability of putting yourself out to constant rejection that can be tough, but the band finds their full peace and freedom in performing in an open field."

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As noted, this is hardly the first time the brothers D'Addario have dabbled in these sorts of sounds. Last year's Everything Harmony was praised to the heavens by The Guardian, where - in the midst of a 5-star review, they wrote, "With their classic late-60s songwriting and beautiful harmonies, the New York duo have never mined the past more effectively than on this fourth album."

If, for some reason, you've yet to experience the sun-drenched gorgeousness that these gentlemen seemingly produce in effortless fashion, we've put together a playlist that will provide you with the opportunity to change that post-haste.


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