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Accused Tupac Killer Keefe D Allegedly Involved in Plot to Murder Witnesses: Court Filing

The defendant was notified about 'an authorization to kill' potential witnesses, Las Vegas Chief Deputy District Attorney Marc DiGacomo claimed in the filing.

Keefe D and Tupac
Source: MEGA

Tupac Shakur's alleged murderer Keefe D was accused of being involved in a plot to murder potential witnesses in a new court filing.

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Tupac Shakur's alleged killer wants authorities to let him go home as he awaits trial, but prosecutors say Duane "Keefe D" Davis was notified about alleged plans to murder potential witnesses while behind bars.

The member of the South Side Compton Crips was arrested in Las Vegas in September and has been held without bail ever since. He's expected back in court for a bail hearing on Jan. 2.

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Keefe D
Source: MEGA

The defendant was notified about "an authorirization to kill" potential witnesses, Las Vegas Chief Deputy District Attorney Marc DiGacomo claimed in the filing.

Prosecutors responded to the defendant's request to be released from jail on his own recognizance or a bail of less than $100,000 with a new court filing obtained by the U.S. Sun.

Las Vegas Chief Deputy District Attorney Marc DiGacomo claimed that Keefe was notified about "an authorization to kill" a potential witnesses for the upcoming trial. The accused killer's son allegedly confirmed the "green light" during a jailhouse phone call with the defendant.

Authorities were reportedly so concerned by the alleged plan that they gave one witness resources to move to a new home.

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The filing casts doubts on Davis' claims that he's a reformed gangster who should be released from jail due to his ongoing health issues.

Davis' attorney Robert Arroyo denied the new claims in a statement provided to the U.S. Sun.

"We are currently reviewing the allegations made by the State and intend to file a written response," he said.

"However, after our initial review of the phone call in question, we fail to see when any of the witnesses were mentioned, let alone threatened… Mr. Davis most certainly did not say anything about a green light or threaten any witnesses during the phone call."

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Source: MEGA

The notification allegedly came from Keefe D's son during a jailhouse phone call.

An unnamed source with ties to the Las Vegas Police Department told the outlet Davis' attempts to get out of jail were "farcical" and "ludicrous" during a Dec. 31.

"It is simply stupid and baffling to think he sees himself as a reliable witness. He is a desperate man, unable to cope with the reality facing him. The feeling was always that he will say anything to get home and escape justice," they said.

"These allegations are extremely serious and if proven, damage his case severely. During the initial police probe on Keefe, detectives pulled several videos and files where he made threats to high-profile names in the Compton community and even celebrities."

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Source: MEGA

Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas in 1996.

Davis' legal team has previously taken issue with the evidence prosecutors are using for their case. This includes references to "Compton Street Legend," a book Davis allegedly helped write. Lawyers claim prosecutors didn't identify which parts of the book came from the defendant.

Attorneys also took issue with evidence gleaned from an interview with Davis posted online. In the clip, he reportedly claimed his nephew Orlando Anderson was the shooter.

Prosecutors allege that Shakur was murdered as retaliation for an incident where the rapper and his counterparts attacked Anderson in a casino lobby. Anderson denied any involvement in the shooting and was murdered in an unrelated incident two years later.

Davis has pleaded not guilty. His trial is slated to begin on June 3. If convicted, Davis could potentially be facing life in prison.


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